Eating Your Way Through Brooklyn - Like a Local - by IdentifyLA

New York, a place where bright lights meets sleepless nights. A place that is known for its fine dining and endless entertainment. In the pocket of it all is, Williamsburg, a quaint city within the madness. Williamsburg shines by its undeniable art and underground scene. A nice little getaway from the norm when you think of "New York City".

For travelers that want to get a feel of what the locals do I highly suggest checking out "Like a Local" food tours. These walking tours not only give you a taste of some of the best food that is "off the beaten path", but also gives you some background and knowledge of the city. Over the span of 1.5-2 miles these walking tours take you throughout the city and even gives you the chance to check out some of the local street art.

I was able to do the Williamsburg food tour which had food ranging from pizza and bagels to fried chicken and cereal flavored ice cream!

Next stop, Momofuku Milk Bar. Created by one of the judges of Master Chef, Christine Tosi, this super cute quaint stop is one of a kind. Guests were able to try its famous cereal milk soft serve ice cream.

Living by the motto, "me and dough get along", was the chef of The Bagel Store. Specializing in not your everyday bagels, these bagels had a twist-both literally and figuratively. From bacon and cheese flavored bagels, swirl and even the creator of the cragel (croissant/bagel) complete with cream cheese spreads such as funfetti, sun dried tomato and more these bagels were out of this world.

Pies "n" Thighs has got to be the best friend chicken in town. This highly sought out restaurant does not take reservations and will most likely always have a line. I advise getting there early-you won't regret it.

Adventurous with its ice creams and sherbert one of the last stops was Odd Fellows. My personal favorite was the grapefruit jalapeño sorbet. Don't be skeptical when it comes to creativity this place mixes ingredients in the best way possible.

Many people are lovers of chocolate however may not know exactly where it comes from. Honing it's craft is the Mast Brothers. Created in the early 2000s by brothers Rick and Micheal Mast, the Mast Brother chocolates takes its business to the next level by sourcing its cocoa beans from around the world. Smooth dark chocolate and many flavors such as chili pepper, sea salt, and more this has got to be one of the best chocolates.

Like a Local Tours were created to give tourists a feel to see exactly what the locals do, where the locals eat, and sheds some light on the scene without being "touristy".

All of the food tour options are great and give you plenty of food to choose from. I strongly recommend arriving on an empty stomach. Tourist or not-Like a Local food tours are a MUST.

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