The Best of NYC 2015 by The Village Voice

We are so pleased to announce that one of our long-time partners, The Bagel Store, was named Best Bagel in NYC by The Village Voice! This year's winner has earned its definite article: It's not "A Bagel Store"; it's The Bagel Store, as in the only place to buy bagels this creative and delicious. Scot Rossillo, proprietor and self-proclaimed "World's Premier Bagel Artist," is no newcomer to the biz. A native of Gravesend, Brooklyn, he grew up helping his grandfather at the family street food cart and watching Julia Child on TV. Since 2000, his inventive, bargain-priced shop has been a Williamsburg staple and a notable innovator on the NYC breakfast scene, coining the "cragel" (croissant + bagel), the prismatic rainbow bagel, and the unsurprisingly popular bacon-egg-and-cheese cragel, with the fixings baked right into the batter. The store serves up sandwiches and desserts, but bagels are the main event. With dozens of specialty choices in addition to your classics, picking a bagel and cream cheese pairing can be daunting — we're fans of the french toast bagel with Nutella and the Tex-Mex with jalapeño. The place is always busy, but there's no rush; the patient staff is ready with recommendations. And, yes, there is an outpost on Metropolitan Avenue at the eastern edge of Williamsburg, but like we said, this is The Bagel Store, so we're going with one location. 349 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn 11211, 718-218-7222,