See New York “Like A Local” by Michael W Travels

October 16, 2015: Even when we’re not traveling, Kim and I like to explore at home. Luckily New York has a ton of things to do. Whether it be visiting a new park with Lucas, trying out new restaurants, maybe a neighborhood we’re unfamiliar with- we’re always out and about exploring and showing Lucas the variety that New York offers, even a local…

When I received an invite for a food tour of a neighborhood in Brooklyn that I am quite familiar with, I was curious. Would a tour like this be good to recommend to readers? Would I learn something new? Would I know most of the places that the tour stops at? etc…

Kim and I recently took the Williamsburg Bites: A Brooklyn Tour from a tour company started by locals called Like A Local Tours.

Here are some details about where we stopped and what we did.

I was warned not to eat a big lunch and to come hungry since the tour included quite a few tastings and I’m sure glad that we listened.

The tour made stops at five places as we walked 1.5 miles around Williamsburg over the course of our tour. It turned out that I’d previously been to 4/5 of these shops many times in the past and knew their food well. What I didn’t know was some of the background which we learned about these places. This was definitely interesting to hear.

At a couple of the stops, we even heard from an employee about their product, which was definitely interesting to learn about.

Here are the places we visited:

Best Pizza Momofuku Milk Bar Pies-N-Thighs Devocion Odd Fellows Ice Cream

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