Like A Local Tours is proud to present an insider look at the art world. Participants will meet and learn from working Brooklyn artists in their studio. The tour is interactive and experiential and mediums involved include paint, neon, sculpture and more. Two tour options present an opportunity to experience Brooklyn’s most exciting art destinations, Park Slope/Gowanus and Bushwick – which some say is reminiscent of the art scene in Soho in the 70s but is quickly disappearing.

Lauren Beebe, Founder of Like A Local Tours says, “The goal of this tour is not only to open the door to an experience not available to most people, but also to educate, inspire and pull back the curtain on some of the art world, so to speak. Most people are unfamiliar with the emerging art world. There is truly fantastic yet affordable art out there. Myself, and the organizations we have partnered with, want to provide a unique and comfortable environment to turn people on to emerging artists as well as show their work. Maybe we will even help someone start an art collection!”

When asked about the tour, Krista Saunders Scenna, Co-director of Ground Floor Gallery shared her excitement in teaming up. “By far, the most rewarding aspect of my job as a gallerist is the relationship I nurture with the talented, emerging artists in my network. Second to that, is the opportunity to introduce a new art buyer to one of these up-and-coming talents in the intimate, creative space of the studio. Where else can you witness the artist’s creative process, firsthand, and get to know them in such a relaxed atmosphere?”

The tour begins with a welcome drink and a curator led talk about the current exhibition. Then the group visits the studios of two artists. “Each artist studio is its own universe with its own gravity. It is very much the artist’s stage where they perform,” says Luis Martin, Director of Programming and Chief Curator, Brooklyn Brush Studios.

A large portion of tour proceeds go to the artists and art organizations. Tour highlights include a complimentary piece of artwork from one of the artists on the tour and swag bag with art related goodies and information on how to start an art collection.

The art organizations involved include Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn Art Space, Parenthesis Art Space and Brooklyn Brush Studios. For those interested in embarking and experiencing the Brooklyn Artist Studio Tour with Like A Local Tours, you can book your adventure today at www.likealocaltours.com/brooklyn-art-tour.