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New & Notable in NYC & Brooklyn!

view of lounge chairs lined up on waterfront with Brooklyn bridge in background

New York City just keeps getting better and better! Here are our current top 5 new and notable:


Designed by the same group as the High Line, this 6 acre park runs along the East River near the Williamsburg Bridge at the site of the landmarked Domino Sugar Factory Refinery. It’s historic and gorgeous. You will find salvaged factory equipment on display, a wonderful children’s playground, water elements to play in, volleyball and bocce court, dog run and a Danny Meyer taco restaurant!

From the website: “An elevated walkway extends much of the length of the park, resembling the interior of the old refinery. The crane tracks that were used in the original refinery now houses gardens with roughly a hundred different species of plants. All wooden structures and chairs in the park were built using reclaimed wood from the refinery. At the southern end of the park are a set of water jets that illuminate in a fountain display, shooting eight feet into the air.”

LIKE A LOCAL TIP: Take our Williamsburg Bites Food Tour beforehand. We finish a couple blocks from Domino Park and the tour guide can send you on your way!


With more delicious food than ever, a visit to IC for a meal and some exploring is a must!

“From Korean comfort food to Instagram-famous Avocado toasts, Industry City’s Food Hall is a delicious culinary gathering place in the center of campus. Stroll along Innovation Alley and beyond to discover other Brooklyn-based purveyors serving up local craft spirits distilled on site and some of the country’s best BBQ.”

Also notable: Frying Pan outdoor bar, bocce, badminton, yoga at sunset and rooftop movie nights!

Events Page // Coming soon JAPAN VILLAGE!

LIKE A LOCAL TIP: Go behind the scenes at Industry City with us and meet some of the makers!


More to do! There is now an additional 5 acres of park on Pier 3 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. It features a large lawn with trees and shrubs and a labyrinth with interactive features as well as picnic tables and Adirondack chairs to sit and enjoy the views and people watching.

According to the Brooklyn Bridge Park website, “The labyrinth on Pier 3 has hedges of varying sizes to create an exploratory maze of picnic tables, mirrored games, and historic elements salvaged from the park like bollards, cleats, and excavated railroad tracks. Within the maze you will find a walk-in kaleidoscope, an echo game, dance chimes, parabolic reflectors, a conference tube, and interesting seating options, including Gunter Beltzig stone seating.”

Also enjoy a nighttime movie with a view!

Like A Local Tours Tip: Take our DUMBO Food Tour which explores Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO.


Although not everything is open yet, it’s worth wandering through to see what will be. Having lived in NYC for 15 years and seen some major developments, nothing comes close to what’s going on here! For more info on what’s to come:

LIKE A LOCAL TIP: Take our Chelsea Market, High Line & Meatpacking Tour. We finish on the northern end of the High Line so simply continue your journey a bit farther north to explore the new Hudson Yards! Be sure to check out the wonderful art book store Printed Matter and hit some art galleries. For a cocktail and some refueling time, there is also the Frying Pan and the McKittrick Hotel rooftop. For a swanky dinner, book at Legacy Records.


Go glamping on Governor’s Island!

Explore Governor’s Island by day AND by night! Unique spaces, incredible views and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend the night in a fancy tent on Governor’s Island! There’s also a restaurant on site.


AllTheRooms put together a great list of 10 Amazing Hidden Gems in NYC. Skip the tourist traps and check it out!