Top Five FOOD Factoids about Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1. The cragel was born here! According to the Today Show, “The Cragel: Bagel, croissant hybrid equals 100% happiness.” Not only is the cragel from Brooklyn but it was created by one of the stops on our Brooklyn Food Tour: The Bagel Store! 2. Brooklyn Beer is from Williamsburg. Stop in for a tour and $5 beer.

3. Semilla is a dining experience must for serious foodies. It was nominated for several James Beard Awards this year. Don't miss it!

4. Smorgasburg! On the Williamsburg waterfront and also Manhattan Whole Foods, and the South Street Seaport NYC.

5. There are two wineries in Williamsburg that are actually making wine! Try them both and decide which is your favorite: Brooklyn Winery and Brooklyn Oenology.