Like A Local Featured in HollywoodLife: Eat Your Way Around Williamsburg, Brooklyn Like Max & Caroline On ‘2 Broke Girls’

Attention, foodies! If you love trying new things and wish you lived in Brooklyn like your fave characters on ‘2 Broke Girls’ or ‘Girls’, then you have to try the ‘Williamsburg Bites’ food tour in Brooklyn, NY.

September 25, 2015: Anyone who’s been dragged on historical tours of cities with his or her parents knows how boring they can be. Well, here’s a tour that will knock your socks off, because it’s not just a walking tour — it’s a FOOD tour! The “Williamsburg Bites” tour from Like A Local will fulfill all of your NYC food fantasies, and you’ll soak up a little culture along the way. Hope you’re a hungry “girl”!

You’d better not eat for the whole day before this tour! My Like A Local guide kicked off the culinary tour at the Bedford L stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where my group and I were served a platter of freshly made chocolate chip cookies. The food didn’t stop for the next three hours, and it was amazing.

Next was Best Pizza, where we enjoyed three types of pizza. First up was the red sauce pizza, with beautifully bubbling cheese and dinner plate-sized leaves of fresh basil. Then we had the white pizza, which was possible even better — the caramelized onions on top were so sweet that I mistook them for figs. We ended with a mini tour of the pizza oven and an employee talked to us about the history of the place. Yummy and educational!

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After that was a stop at Momofuku Milk Bar for their famous compost cookies and samples of cereal milk ice cream — always a classic. However, Pies N Thighs was next, and it totally blew my mind. The wait at this place usually tops two hours, but our fried chicken, biscuits and grits magically appeared and we ate on the stoop of a nearby townhouse, just like true Brooklynites. (I think sitting outside made it taste better.) The fried chicken was some of the best I’ve had, and the biscuits were top-notch. Popeye’s has NOTHING on this place.

Williamsburg Bites: A Brooklyn Food Tour

We also ate mussels and incredible french fries at a cool coffee shop/restaurant/bar called Freehold, saw awesome large-scale murals, and walked down to a park on the shore for a great view of the Manhattan skyline. Our last two stops were OddFellows Ice Cream, where it was impossible to choose a flavor (I went with salted caramel brownie, but the passionfruit was also insanely delicious), and Mast Brothers Chocolate, which is like a hipster version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Long story short: if you like eating and want to explore Brooklyn a little more, then this is the tour for you. Season five of 2 Broke Girls will air on CBS this fall, and giving you time to get savvy about Max and Caroline’s neighborhood!

HollywoodLifers, would you love to eat like a local? Let me know!

— Gabriella Ginsberg