Lilo Travel Blog September 27, 2015: What does it mean to be a travel agent or travel company for the modern traveler? Well, first one needs to know what defines the modern traveler - sometimes it's someone looking for the best way to go like a local, someone looking for thirtysomething travel ideas, or someone looking for modern ways to travel as a couple - most always, it's someone looking for better ways of planning authentic travel experiences.

However, to dig in deeper on what defines the modern traveler, we asked our friends at Like a Local Tours in Brooklyn for their take on what defines the modern traveler....

The modern traveler: I think the word that most defines today's modern traveler is savvy. Savvy travelers are looking for a hyper local experience. Sure they might want to enjoy some of the traditional tourist sights in any given city, but they also want to get to know a destination by doing what the locals do

I created Like A Local Tours to offer a sophisticated and immersive travel experience in Brooklyn and NYC. Our tours are taken by both tourists and locals so you know they are legit. Right now we focus on enjoying NYC's hottest neighborhoods through food. Our Williamsburg Bites Brooklyn Food Tour is a culinary journey with history, architecture, street art and some stunning NYC skyline views thrown in for good measure. Our tours focus on entrepreneurs and chefs that are influencing food trends globally which is exciting and delicious. Stops like Eataly, Shake Shack and Beecher's Handmade Cheese on our Flatiron Food Tour showcase the best that NYC has to offer. We also recommend our boozy Sunday Funday Brooklyn Tour and North Fork Long Island Wine Tour.

You heard it here, folks - SAVVY, looking for a hyper local experience, and doing what the locals do. THAT is the essence of the modern traveler.

Whether you are a tourist or a local, someone looking for an independent travel experience, or modern ways to travel as a couple, there are now a variety of ways to go like a local at your finger tips! Thanks again to Like a Local Tours for your thoughts!

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