5 Reasons We Love "Like A Local" Food Tours by Design&Trend

September 25, 2015 by Meg Busacca: This week our design editor Meg happily experienced "Like A Local" guided food tours in Williamsburg.

Like A Local Tours offers is an exclusive walking tour that marriages gourmet food and history to street art and architecture. The company provides four tours residing in Flatiron in Manhattan, Williamsburg, a Brooklyn "Sunday Funday" tasting and North Fork for wineries.

1. Good Company

The Founder and tour guide, Lauren Beebe, conducted the highly curated Williamsburg food crawl. Beebe is a very warm and welcoming guide who willingly shares her passion for bringing people and great food together.

The social experience was enjoyably organic and hosted a great group of individuals from all over the United States.

2. Savory Spots

The tour kicked off with Best Pizza, literally. Best Pizza in Williamsburg is in a former bakery and its century old wood-burning oven produces some matchless crust. Everyday the employees visit the local farmers market to find the freshest ingredients to deliver top quality pizza to customers.

3. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For lovers of both savory and sweet tastings, the tour incorporates plenty of sugary delights throughout the Williamsburg neighborhood. We stopped in for a compost cookie and cereal milk soft serve at the coveted Milk Bar, the sister bakery to the famed Momofuku restaurants.

Have you ever seen a rainbow bagel before? The Bagel Store is the birthplace of the colorful baked goody, and we were given the opportunity to meet the owner, learn how the bagels are developed and taste their specialty bagels in the underground kitchen.

Some group participants weren't shy to get their hands dirty, we were able to practice the art of dough rolling. This family-oriented business put together an assortment of exclusive bagels and cream cheeses, from their popular bacon-chedder bagel to confetti cake cream cheese, it is no wonder this is one of the most treasured spots in the neighborhood.

After an array of bagel tastings, we ventured to Odd Fellows for a some ice cream. It was the perfect stop after a sunny walk to the waterfront, and the "Grapefruit Jalapeno" sorbet was a huge hit. It was undoubtedly the best sorbet I've ever tasted.

4. A History Lesson That Isn't Dull

While the pack wanders from place to place, Beebe provides a brief overview of the neighborhood's history in an energetic and interesting manner. The walk may be necessary to digest for an amount of food consumed on this tour, but it is also a great way to learn and understand the architecture, street art and community that has morphed Williamsburg into what it is today.

The neighborhood offers an artistic hub of thought-provoking individuals that share a curiosity for food, the arts, craft and travel. These characteristics proved to be evident at our final stop of the day to Mast Brotherschocolate factory, one of the only companies in the U.S. that offers craft chocolate.

5. You Will Be Full and Happy!

The best of it all is that you are able to taste gourmet food all day and will be comfortably full by the end of it. Your stomach will not be left empty by any means, but you also won't feel sick and essentially comatose.

Like A Local offers a great range of flavors from locations which are not only cherished for their food, but for the special experience they provide.

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