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NYC’s 7 Best Locations for an Amazing Photoshoot

different modern paintings in an art studio

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When you think of New York City, images of Times Square and the Empire State Building come to mind instantly. While these are classic icons, you don’t want your NYC photos to be like everyone else’s, do you?

A city as big and historical as New York has many hidden gems where you can get away from the crowds and the cliché. Get away from the expected and turn your photoshoot into art with these spots that will make your friends think you’ve turned into a New Yorker.

Because who doesn’t love hearing “I’ve never seen that before!”?

Of course, you could spend a lifetime photographing New York City. And indeed, some have! But, you probably have a little less time than that, so you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve highlighted just a few spots for a unique photoshoot that will provide a new and exciting perspective on the city. Depending on your goal, you can find any backdrop for your tastes. Places like the High Line and Botanic Gardens will provide a natural getaway from the bustle of the city. On the other hand, Chinatown will provide vibrant scenes of energy and color. For romantics, Astor Place is all the polish and nostalgia of classic New York.

View New York City through a local’s eyes and get those dazzling shots that you’ll remember for a lifetime. BONUS: Make your photographer jump for joy, because it’s a guarantee they have shot in Grand Central one million times before!

The High Line

With multiple entrances, staircases and views of the Hudson River, this raised park is a little-known wonder. The High Line is set on a disused line of the New York Central Railroad. The old tracks overgrown with flowers provides contrast to tall buildings that rise up on both sides.

John Street, Brooklyn Bridge Park

Travel across the East River and you’ll be treated to the iconic sights of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park. Since John Street is positioned at the East River’s bend, you can see both the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge with the most famous of NYC’s buildings in the background.

Astor Place

A short and picturesque two block in Lower Manhattan, Astor Place is full of quintessential New York imagery. From the classic Astor Place subway entrance plaza to the various public artwork sculptures, this area reflects the vibrant community where East Village meets West Village.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Journey to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens for a refreshing change of scenery. No matter the season, the Gardens provide beautiful backgrounds in unique settings, such as the Shakespeare Garden or the Rock Garden. Not to be missed is the Japan Hill-and-Pond Garden, the oldest and most popular Japanese garden outside of Japan.

Carl Schurz Park

One of the most underappreciated attractions in NYC, Carl Schurz Park is a green strip of gardens that runs along the East River on the Upper East Side. Sweeping staircases and river views make this park a great alternative to Central Park. Unique shots can be had of Roosevelt Island from the pathway along the water.

Washington Square Park

The monumental arch and the fountain provide iconic NYC feelings, while the surrounding Greenwich Village offers an eclectic backdrop with various boutiques and red brick buildings.


Bordered between the Lower East Side and Little Italy, Manhattan’s Chinatown can be a great location for photographers looking to capture the cultural and colorful Chinese community. The small winding stone streets of Chinatown make for unique shots with action and energy.