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New stop on our Chelsea Market & High Line Food Tour: Las Delicias!


Delicious indeed! We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with upscale bakery Las Delicias Patisserie and their first brick and mortar store, which is located in the Chelsea Local section of Chelsea Market. Las Delicias Patisserie is a boutique artisanal bakery producing high-end pastries baked with the finest locally-sourced ingredients. All of their products are kosher, vegetarian, all natural and non-GMO.


Owner and Founder Deborah Brenner started the business out of a need to make gluten free pastries (that tasted good) for her husband who was diagnosed with a life threatening case of Celiac disease. Before that, she worked in banking in Manhattan for over 20 years. She got her start at the Union Square Greenmarket where Las Delicias is known for their almond croissant and raspberry cassis scone, as well as gluten free rugelachs and brownies and other treats.

Deborah grew up cooking and baking with her mother. Las Delicias is named after Avenue Las Delicias in Punta Del Este where she spent her summers as a child.

First opened in 2017, Chelsea Local is on the lower level of Chelsea Market and is an area that offers specialty food items, often with more rare ingredients.

“Every pastry tells a story, captures an emotion, evokes a memory.” — Deborah Brenner, Owner / Founder

Deborah’s Story:

I grew up cooking and baking with my mother, her kitchen a place of endless possibilities. I chose the name as a reminder of magical childhood summers on Avenue Las Delicias in Punta Del Este. When I create a recipe, I go back to that time and place where everything was possible.

Food conveys stories and culture. Food takes you back to that moment when you were a child and makes that memory, that experience, accessible. I use each pastry to form a silent dialogue with my customers. I know I’ve succeeded when my pastries take customers back to the special place of their own past.

Gluten-Free was the inception of Las Delicias Patisserie. I was in banking for over 20 years when my husband, suffering illnesses which necessitated travel around the world to discover the cause, was diagnosed with a severe case of Celiac. When finally diagnosed and we understood he was limited to a strict GF diet I undertook the challenge of creating extraordinary pastries that were previously thought impossible to be gluten-free.