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Best of Made in NY Clothing Brands

We are huge fans of supporting local businesses, especially shopping local! Here are some of our favorite Made in NY clothing brands. Shop them on your own or with us on our Shopping Tours!

Women’s Fashion

Line & Label (also on our Sustainable Brooklyn Food & Fashion Tour)

From handbags, home and beautiful clothing that is handmade in Greenpoint. Founded in 2013 by Kate O’Riley. The store also showcases other independent jewelry and clothing designers next to the Line & Label Collection. They feature an area of under $50

Visit the store or Shop Online!

In God We Trust

Known as IGWT, they are famous for their vintage inspired dresses, jumpsuits, shoes and jewelry. Through the years, they have upheld their mission to produce ethically and domestically. The jewelry is made in the Bedford Avenue store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the apparel is made in the NYC & LA garment district.

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Meg is a locally made, women run independent clothing line. The concept is easy, everyday wear. There are stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Toronto. 

“Our brands’ mission is to empower women through fashion and impact our communities by stocking woman-owned accessory brands, supporting neighborhood schools, local factories, and print shops as well as fundraising for important causes such as Planned Parenthood.”

Designed with different body types in mind

Visit in one of their Locations or Shop Online!


Loren Cronk Jeans

Loren specializes in hand-crafted premium denim that is made in their Brooklyn store. They are also a popular spot for denim repairs and alterations. 

Visit the store or Shop Online!


Hanky Panky

This wildly popular underwear and lingerie brand was established in 1977 and is still made in the USA. They make their undergarments from high quality materials that are chosen for their stretch qualities, softness and fit.

“Hanky Panky is dedicated to innovative design, comfort, quality and NY production. 100% of the fabrics and trims used to make our Signature Lace styles are knitted in the USA.  Even the Supima® cotton fibers used to make crotch linings are grown in the USA. Our Signature Lace is an exclusive pattern available only to Hanky Panky.”

Visit the store or Shop Online!


Nanette Lepore

“Known for her bold colors, evocative prints and signature silhouettes, Nanette Lepore has become one of the leading names in contemporary American fashion. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Nanette married painter Robert Savage and headed east to New York City. Outfitted with only her talent, tenacity and a $5,000 loan from her father, Nanette launched her label in New York City’s Garment Center. Inspired by her artsy bohemian childhood and passion for a good party, Nanette’s designs are adored by style makers and celebrities alike, including Michelle Obama, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, Abigail Breslin, Blake Lively, Arianna Huffington, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kristin Chenoweth. Nanette’s outspoken efforts to protect New York City’s Garment Center have helped to raise awareness and demand for American-made clothing. Today, Nanette Lepore has grown into an international brand that offers women’s apparel, swimwear, accessories and fragrance. Nanette Lepore has shops across the United States, Europe, and Asia.” 

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Men’s Fashion:


Upstate Stock

Upstate Stock was born out of the simple fact that American manufacturing of the highest quality still exists. The same manufacturing  standard from decades ago, that very few countries can match. Over the years, there has been a stark decrease in all areas of American manufacturing; factories and mills that were once thriving are now disappearing. We are determined to return our focus (as well as our customers) back on the honest hard working individuals that once made our jeans, shirts, and accessories for the majority of our country’s history. Thank you for not only supporting Upstate Stock, but a rich part of our history that deserves to live on.

Coffee Shop + Homegoods, Clothing and more … all made in NY (also on our Sustainable Brooklyn Food & Fashion Tour)

Visit one of the Locations or Shop Online!


Leisure Life NYC

Leisure Life NYC specializes in quality lifestyle products, from men’s clothing, leather goods, accessories to art and much more.  The store is a haberdashery men’s club that is inspired in large degree by the owner’s love of vintage fashion and sports memorabilia. Hats, socks, vintage, tops, bottoms, shoes and more. 

Visit their Brooklyn location or shop online!


Mountain & Sackett

“Established in 1957, we began as a small neckwear manufacturer in the historic garment district of Manhattan, with the goal of creating a product made in America that featured all the sophisticated elegance of Europe’s finest artisan workshops. Today, we proudly carry on this legacy of true handmade production, and the timeless tradition of hand sewn quality is being passed on to a new generation of skilled artisans and hand crafters. By combining a half a century of experience with the innovative technology of the internet, we are now able to offer our exclusive collection direct to you from our factory. They offer ties and bow ties.”

Shop Online!



Founded in 2004 by Rony Vardi, Catbird has garnered high praise from Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Nylon and more.

“In addition to working with some of the world’s most exciting jewelry designers, we design and manufacture our own Catbird line. Our mission is to make beautiful, sparkling jewelry that will bring you joy now through forever. We believe that even a very special jewelry can be worn everyday. All of our jewelry is made in our Brooklyn studio with recycled or fair-trade gold and all stones are conflict-free. All the beauty products we carry are cruelty-free. Catbird is a proud member of the CFDA, is certified Made in New York™ and is a member of No Dirty Gold.”

Visit one of their locations or Shop Online!



Verameat is a great place to shop for light hearted jewelry, pins and patches.

“Each piece of VERAMEAT jewelry is inspired by a self-sufficient life form with a sculptural presence. VERAMEAT designs are hand-crafted in New York City from fine materials such as 100% recycled sterling silver and pure 14 karat gold. We create artfully refined, contemporary heirlooms that suit your individual style and inspire your adventures. VERAMEAT is Vera Balyura, a teller of winding tales who always seeks the extraordinary. Born in Ukraine, Vera recalls woodcarving with her grandfather, horseback riding in Utah, and high fashion modeling in New York all before the age of 14. Each design represents an experience that is at once personal yet universal. World traveling, making music, maritime sagas, botanical miracles, anatomical structures, and the history of the world are all contributing inspirations to the jewelry. VERAMEAT crafts keepsakes for everyone – from mutant dinosaurs to futuristic visions of rogue spacemen in galaxies unknown.”

Visit one of their stores or Shop Online!


Fleur’d Pins

“For centuries, the boutonnière has been a symbol of success, wealth, power & sophistication. It celebrates status, refinement, & prestige. Continue the tradition your way with Fleur’d Pins.”

NYC photographer Andrew Werner founded Fleur’d Pins in 2014. “I would photograph red carpets and black tie galas,’ he recalls, ‘and every men’s outfit was always the same – some variation of: black tuxedo, white shirt, black bowtie. Where was that something extra to showcase individuality?”

Each piece is handcrafted in New York City. Shop Online!


Taz the taylor

TAZ is a bowtie & accessories brand inspired by sustainable design solutions. TAZ makes one-of-a-kind pocket squares, headbands and patchwork bowties out of amazing fabrics that would otherwise end up in a landfill. 

“Inspired by the amount of waste TAZ saw first hand that the fashion industry created, we have partnered with luxury fashion houses, bespoke tailors and local non-profits to collect their remnant fabrics to create our one of a kind pieces. Over 11 million tons of fabric is put into landfills in the United States every year and we want to change that.”

TAZ is a classically trained tailor who lives and works in New York.  All pieces are made by hand with up-cycled materials by TAZ in his studio.

Shop Online!


Rebel Designs

Handmade women’s and men’s jewelry, handbags and leather accessories. Bracelet, accessories, necklaces, handbags, rings and more. 

Visit one of their Stores or Shop Online!





Wyldaire makes unique unisex hats that are packable! They are made ethically (in the US) of cruelty-free wool and water resistant straw. Just roll them up and pack in your suitcase!

“Made to last thousands of miles and memories; we source only the highest quality fabrics and trims. Hand designing every detail for both aesthetics and functionality. Travel testing for durability and ease of use.”

You can find more brands here: