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Meet Local Artist Ebony Bolt on our Insider Brooklyn Art Tour

Artist standing next to her artwork

A wonderful way to experience the current art scene in New York is by meeting working artists. We recently hosted a group from Italy on our Insider Brooklyn Art Tour of Bushwick. Despite the rain, we shared our favorite street art murals at the Bushwick Collective and then our guests were able to participate in Ebony Bolt’s mural at Brooklyn Brush studios, which was truly a unique and memorable afternoon for everyone.

Ebony recently completed a residency at the Hudson River Museum, in which she “explored the ways in which intersectionality influences the design process. She challenged participants to create prints that proudly illustrate their inner being, upending socially-ingrained stereotypes of race, gender, class, ethnicity, while simultaneously promoting tolerance and acceptance.” Read more about Ebony on the Hudson River Museum website.

(From “I am an artist dedicated to depicting the diversity of people. I believe there is beauty in everyone’s differences, and it should not only be tolerated but celebrated. I’m a textile designer by day and a sketchbook artist at night. My inspiration comes from commuters in  New York City. I feel I am taking a trip around the world each time I step into a train car and see a representation of people from different countries. My focus is to create relatable art that includes and reflects the masses. My prints are usually compact to symbolize the clutter of the city.”

Read more about our Insider Brooklyn Art Tour.

Follow Ebony on instagram and visit her website to sign up for her newsletter, shop and see more of her amazing work!