The Best Brunch in Williamsburg Brooklyn

We are frequently asked for our favorite brunch spot in Williamsburg. Why? Well because people brunch before our SUNDAY FUNDAY Williamsburg Brooklyn tour of course!  So we decided to share our list:

  1. El Almacen - the atmospherics are amazing. so quaint. so chic. and the fact that it's argentine and run by argentines doesn't hurt. Rosarito Fish Shack and Shelter Pizza are all in the same family. reasonably priced and delicious.
  2. Station Restaurant - conveniently located where most of our tours start! this is a hit for the yummy food and BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH. Enjoy!
  3. Two Door Tavern - RED. VELVET. PANCAKES. The end.
  4. Cafe Mogador - otherwise known as, the old standby. always fun, always delicious. try to sit in the atrium in the back. 
  5. Juliette - see above. plus you can sit outside on their roof deck (when it's warm enough) , drink rose and pretend to be French. Tre chic!

Honorable mentions (mostly because of the wait) include: Egg, Five Leaves, Sweet Chick, Diner, and Pies-N-Thighs. If you want to go all fancy on us, check out The Elm or Allswell. And for pizza brunch: Motorino!

Don't forget to take our boozy SUNDAY FUNDAY Williamsburg Brooklyn tour!

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