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Brooklyn Happy Hour & Shopping Tour

Eat, drink, and shop eco!

Tour Info

*Must be 21 & up Price per person
2 People
3-4 People
5-6 People
7-8 People
9-12 People

Drink & shop like a pro!

Cheers to your new favorite pastime! We’ve got a margarita in one hand, and a vintage score in the other. You’ll pick it up in no time!


Location: Brooklyn/Williamsburg

Duration: 4 Hours

Age Requirement: Must be 21+ to join tour.

Walking Distance: 2.5 miles of walking. Please wear comfortable shoes/clothing.

Williamsburg Happy Hour & Shopping Tour:

Where else can you score the best margarita in the neighborhood, moments before discovering your favorite 60s mini? Learn what Williamsburg is really famous for, from a local. An afternoon of exploring the street art clad neighborhood punctuated by secret happy hour pit stops, independent boutiques, and insider tips along the way. The next round’s on us!

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