Visit one of New York City's most exciting neighborhoods.

We start at Chelsea Market. We visit a range of sights including the Ground Zero Museum Workshop and trendy Milk Studios where you’re likely to spot a celebrity or two.

You will learn the history of death alley and the west side cowboys before venturing up to walk the elevated railway that is the Highline. We enter the Highline near Diane von Furstenberg’s store with her private residence built on top, which is a truly an architectural wonder. On the Highline, you will learn about significant historical landmarks and marvel at the incredible architecture going up along the Highline by starchitects such as Zaha Hadid and the homes of stars like Mick Jagger and Kanye West. Enjoy wonderful commissioned art and street art along the way.

The tour finishes on the northern end of the Highline near the Highline Hotel and art galleries of West Chelsea.

Before or after the tour: visit the art galleries of West Chelsea, shop the Meatpacking's trendy stores, check out the new Whitney Museum, have a leisurely lunch at the Standard Hotel, Cookshop or Bubby’s.



Chelsea Market, Ground Zero Museum Workshop, Milk Studios

Walk the Highline and learn about its history

Incredible architecture and views of Manhattan and the Hudson River

Expect to see fantastic art along the Highline and possibly some performances

History of Meatpacking District and Chelsea



From $30 per person

Tour Length: 2-3 hours

Includes tour guide, amazing history, Chelsea Market (opportunity to purchase food and beverage).


7 days a week
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Contact us to schedule.


“What’s great about the High Line is that there are nooks, crannies and hideaways. There are vistas and vantage points. You can turn one way and find yourself looking north up at 10th Avenue, but if you turn the other way you’ll see the Statue of Liberty.” 


James Corner, Landscape Architect for the New York City's Highline