1. The show debuted 20 years ago, and as you probably do know, it ran for 6 seasons.
  2. 54 Emmy nominations with 7 wins and 24 Golden Globe nominations with 8 wins.
  3. According to a Vogue UK interview with Patricia Field, who styled the show, the tutu from the opening credits was found in a bargain bin for only $5.
  4. Mr Big was inspired by former magazine executive Ron Galotti, who is one of creator Candice Bushnell’s ex-boyfriends.
  5. The scene where Samantha runs into Phoebe (Geri Halliwell), they talk about Soho House, which they’re standing in front of. During the filming of that scene, David and Victoria Beckham were actually inside!
  6. Until Season 4, in the credits, Sarah Jessica Parker’s name and the show’s name appear in front of the World Trade Center towers. After 9/11 and the towers’ collapse, both appear with the Empire State Building in the background.
  7. Cynthia Nixon is naturally blonde and she only dyed her hair red to play Miranda.
  8. Carrie was almost a brunette, but only 24 hours before they shot the pilot, the producers decided she should be blonde because Candice Bushnell is blonde.
  9. After Miranda and Carrie got cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleecker Street, it became so popular that they hired a bouncer.
  10. When Trey proposes to Charlotte, the scene had to be filmed in front of a fake Tiffany’s window, because Tiffany’s wouldn’t allow the real store to be filmed. But, apparently a Tiffany’s employee approved the fake storefront before filming.