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Celebrating a Decade of Success: Our 2023 Recap at Like A Local

infographic with the 2023 recap

As we joyously step into 2024, it’s not just the start of a new year we’re celebrating at Like A Local, but a remarkable milestone that feels like a dream β€” our 10th anniversary! πŸŽ‰ A heartfelt Happy New Year and a big virtual high-five to each one of you who has been a part of this incredible journey. It’s time to take a stroll down memory lane and relive the adventures of 2023, a year that set new benchmarks for us. πŸš€

A Year of Exceptional Growth and Impact

2023 was a banner year, our best yet, and for good reason. Filled with milestones that have set a new precedent for our future endeavors. The numbers speak volumes about the love and support we’ve received:

  • $22,591 contributed to our Social Impact Partners
  • 10 new Social Impact Partners welcomed
  • $121,800 spent with our Food Partners
  • 6,721 guests joining our tours
  • 711 tours conducted
  • 854 miles walked, exploring the city
  • 5,616 slices of pizza enjoyed
  • 18 neighborhoods explored

These numbers, impressive as they are, barely scratch the surface of the countless stories, laughter, and connections we’ve shared.

infographic with the 2023 recap

More Than Just Numbers

But it’s not just about the numbers. Behind each tour, each guest, each slice of pizza, there’s a bigger story. We’re talking about community impact, about bringing people together, about celebrating the diverse tapestry that makes New York City so unique. Every tour, every interaction, has been a building block in the strong community we’ve nurtured over the years.

Our commitment to social impact took a front seat as we strengthened our partnerships and continued our mission of making a positive difference in the communities we cherish. The support from our Social Impact Partners has been instrumental in this journey, adding layers of meaning to every tour we conducted.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Community

The fuel that powered this incredible year was undoubtedly you – our amazing clients, partners, and friends. Your enthusiasm, feedback, and unwavering support have been pivotal in our journey. Every smile, every recommendation, and every return visit has been a testament to the bonds we’ve built.

As we flip the page to 2024, we carry with us the invaluable lessons, memories, and experiences from the past year. We’re brimming with excitement for what lies ahead – new tours to launch, new flavors to explore, and new stories to be part of our legacy.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

As we raise our glasses to a happy, healthy, and successful 2024, we’re not just celebrating past achievements. Β There’s a whole world of experiences waiting to be unveiled in the streets of New York City. We’re all set to take you on newer, even more, immersive journeys, helping you discover the city like never before.

Here’s to more explorations, more shared laughter, and more unforgettable moments. Cheers to another decade of creating magic together in the heart of New York City!

Thank you for being an integral part of our narrative and for walking this path with us. Here’s to you, to us, and to the many adventures that await!

With heartfelt gratitude and excitement,
The Like A Local Team

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