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Gather your group for an immersive & unique tour of NYC!

The following tours are only available as private tours. But some of our public tours can also be customized into a private tour (check on the tour to see if it has a private tour option)! Our private tours are offered 7 days a week. We are happy to discuss details and schedule your private group tour.

The experiences below can be booked for 1 person up to 100 people. Send us a quick inquiry and we will get back to you with a price and dates of availability!

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From $75

Love BBQ? Eat your way through Brookyn with the best BBQ on this delicious tour! Learn about the history of the neighborhoods and soak up the vibe along the way!

From $65

This tour is all about insider access to a wide variety of maker’s. Including a Vogue recommended high end perfumery and candle maker, coffee roaster, rooftop farm, distillery and more.

From $40

See three amazing NYC neighborhoods (Soho, the Village and Meatpacking District) and experience some of the famous scenes from the show! Includes fun trivia as well as a little history, food and a lot of laughs!