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Book NYC Hotels with Great Rates & Big Perks with our Founder!

hotel facade at night with neon lights

After working in travel for over 15 years, our Founder, Lauren, has decided to put her knowledge to use as a travel advisor with Fora Travel. Able to book hotels with perks worldwide, but specializing in NYC.

Perks include:

  • room upgrades
  • early check-in
  • late check-out
  • breakfast
  • hotel credits for food and beverage, spa, etc.

HOW IT WORKS: Rates are guaranteed competitive. You won’t pay any additional fees, because the hotel pays the travel advisor fees as they would a commission to expedia,, etc. Hotels consider customers that book with travel advisors to be better customers than those booking with the large anonymous online travel agencies like So booking with me means you’re more likely to get that room upgrade, early check-in, etc. And you will still earn loyalty points. Plus, if you have any issues, you have the power of a person who books a lot of travel (me!) with a luxury company behind them (Fora Travel) going to bat for you!


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More reasons to book with Lauren:

Hey globetrotters and city explorers, buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans on why your next New York City escapade needs a touch of magic – and by magic, I mean my expertise! Say goodbye to the usual travel woes and embrace a journey filled with insider tips, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences. Here are four irresistible reasons why booking a hotel in the city that never sleeps with me is the ultimate game-changer:

City Whisperers:

Imagine having your very own New York City whisperer, someone who knows the city’s heartbeat and can guide you through the best neighborhoods based on your budget and what activities you’re planning.

VIP Treatment:

Booking with me as a Fora Travel Advisor doesn’t just secure you a cozy bed; it opens doors to exclusive perks and VIP treatment. You’re still able to add points to your rewards programs but now you have the power of hotels wanting to keep Fora Travel customers happy so you’re more likely to receive those room upgrades and early check-ins / late check-outs.

Insider Knowledge:

New York City is a labyrinth of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality. I have the lowdown on the best places to eat, shop, and play in every nook and cranny of the Big Apple. From the trendiest speakeasies to the coziest coffee shops, you’ll be armed with the kind of insider knowledge that turns a good trip into an unforgettable adventure.

Stress-Free Planning:

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, especially to a city as vast and diverse as New York. Let me take the reins and transform your travel planning process into a stress-free journey. I will recommend the perfect accommodations, and ensure that every detail of your trip is seamless, leaving you with nothing but excitement for your upcoming adventure.

So there you have it – four irresistible reasons why booking a hotel with me is the ultimate travel hack. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter vacations and hello to a bespoke NYC experience that’s as unique as you are. Ready to unlock the Big Apple? I am just a click away!