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Digital Discussions: A Closer Look at Brooklyn Makers | The Canvas by Querencia

Canvas by Querencia Clandestina Pop Up

Interested in sustainable fashion? Watch this educational and inspiring interview with Devin James Gilmartin, President & Creative Director, and Kate Walz, Creative Director of Querencia Studio and Manager of The Canvas by Querencia Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are interviewed by sustainable fashion designer and Like A Local tour guide, Amalya Meira.

They work with over 120 sustainable clothing and accessories brands from all over the world and have a beautiful retail showcase in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Antwerp, Belgium. From their G.O.N.E. for GOOD partnership with Goodwill NYNJ to working with FABSCRAP, we go behind the scenes in this engaging discussion.

Post pandemic, take our small group Sustainable Fashion & Food Tour with Amalya, and experience The Canvas by Querencia in person!

“The Canvas began within the former Hunter College bookstore in the summer of 2018. We occupied the space and built it out as a hub for conversation and collaboration. There, we developed partnerships with brands, companies, and people who are making fashion fairer, more accessible and more connected.

In November of 2018, we expanded to a second location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Since then, we’ve grown our network to a global community of over one hundred and twenty brands spanning six continents and opened a second location in Antwerp, Belgium through collaborations with MADE and Kunstgezind, and a new partner in Steff Vermeesch, who leads our expansion initiatives efforts around Europe.

The only way this industry can change is if we work together. The goal of The Canvas is to create a place where ideas can be sparked and creativity can flourish. Our focus is on addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are seventeen of them but it’s the last of them, number seventeen, that we feel is most important to accomplishing them all: Partnerships. The Canvas by Querencia Studio is a place for those partnerships to begin, continue, and be introduced to the world. We look forward to seeing you there.”

— The Canvas by Querencia