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Perhaps You’ve Noticed NYC’s Transportation Issues? Get Active!


Sign the Petition for Albany Leaders to Enact Move NY!

The region’s transportation network is in full-blown crisis. New Yorkers are experiencing record levels of subway delays, dangerously overcrowded platforms and cars, and worst-ever traffic jams that are slowing our buses to a crawl, causing riders to flee by the thousands. Luckily, Governor Cuomo has embraced congestion pricing and committed himself to enacting a “real” plan in the upcoming budget session.

Now we need Senate Majority Leader Flanagan and Assembly Speaker Heastie to join Governor Cuomo in backing congestion pricing and producing a version of the plan on par with the Move NY proposal. We call on New Yorkers to sign our petition demanding that Leaders Flanagan and Heastie work with the Governor to ensure that a robust congestion pricing plan is included in the final 2018-2019 state budget.

Move NY has a solution to Get NY Moving again.

Supported by Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and hundreds of additional businesses including Like A Local Tours!

More info on their website here.

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