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NYC Shopping Experience with a Stylist & Fashion Designer

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Recently, one of our tour guides, who is also a fashion designer and stylist, took a group of women out for an afternoon of styling and shopping! It was such a success that we thought we’d share some details on the process.

How to decide where to go out of the hundreds and hundreds of amazing stores in NYC?? Guests fill out a questionnaire! We ask questions like describe your personal style in 3 to 5 words; are there any specific items you’re looking for; what is your price range; do you have an interest in vintage shopping; e.g. Based on the responses, the stylist prepares an itinerary and makes appointments at boutiques.

This group responded with:

We are looking for a mix of smaller, local boutique and vintage. Mixed price point up to high end is fine but want to avoid large luxury chains. We want to shop at stores not available in Australia. Not looking for any pieces in particular but love shoes!

We spoke to Amalya, our tour guide, about the day and here’s what she had to say:

How did you prep for the tour and how did you decide where you would take them?

Based on the rest of their day’s itinerary and what they were looking for, I narrowed the area down to midtown. From there, I decided on a first stop. Then I thought about anything else fun in the neighborhood that we could walk to while I give some historical NYC info before getting in transportation to our other locations. Based on their size/tastes/price ranges described, I hand selected specific stores/designers I thought they would find good pieces at. I also made sure there would be opportunities for coffee/water/snacks, seating and bathrooms throughout the entire tour.

What stores did you take them to?

Morphew Vintage Archive, Dover Street Market and Meg

What do you think they enjoyed most about the day?

That they found items they loved!

Did you help style them while they were shopping?

Of course! They mostly bought casual items as they were emphasizing that their lifestyle didn’t really have places to wear fancy things. That being said, they bought dresses, tops, jackets, sweaters, pants and earrings.

How did you do help style them while they were shopping?

I helped them find sizes and picked things out based on other items they were interested in. I suggested different ways items could be worn and incorporated into their wardrobe/lifestyle.

How do you think your experience as a fashion designer informs your styling?

It informs my ability to offer styling and alteration suggestions. I am also able to suggest items that flatter and wear well. I also know about other local designers through collaboration/events.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Them finding things they loved!

Anything else interesting about the day?

The group were 2 women (1 Australian & 1 American) who met 20 years ago when the Australian vacationed at the American’s ski resort. They have been friends since! The Australian brought her adult daughter. They were continuing their trip in the US and going skiing after their time in NYC.


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