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Important COVID-19 Updates

Like A Local Tours COVID-19 Update


In New York City, beginning Aug. 16, indoor dining, indoor fitness and indoor entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, concert halls and night clubs, must check for vaccination status, the city announced. The requirement will apply to both customers and workers. Enforcement will not begin until Sept. 13, so businesses will have a grace period to figure out how to follow the new mandate.
Children under 12 are still not yet eligible to receive any of the vaccines. On Wednesday morning, Mr. de Blasio said that they would be allowed to enter restaurants with vaccinated adults if they are masked. Some adults have received or are eligible for medical or religious exemptions that would allow them to not get vaccinated. The city has not yet announced whether people in this category will be allowed to participate in indoor activities at places that will require proof of vaccination.
The city’s new app, NYC Covid Safe, is very simple. It is basically a camera app that enables users to take a picture of their vaccine card and store it in the app. It does not verify whether the picture represents a real card. The Excelsior Pass is New York State’s vaccine passport app. It debuted in March as the first government-issued vaccine passport app in the country. It verifies applications against the city and state vaccination records.
The NYC Covid Safe app can easily be used after being downloaded. It allows people to show a photo of their vaccination card after the first dose of a two-dose vaccine, or other proof of vaccination they may have. (One dose of a two-dose vaccine is sufficient to meet the new mandate, though that only offers a fraction of the protection gained by getting both doses.)
Both can be downloaded from both the Apple and Android app stores.
This is how Excelsior works: The app finds the official record of people who were vaccinated in New York State, and issues a pass containing a unique QR code certifying that they were vaccinated. The code is generated 15 days after the person is fully vaccinated. It can be stored on a person’s phone or printed out. But Excelsior Pass can be finicky. In order to find a person’s vaccination record, it checks his or her name, date of birth, ZIP code and county of vaccination against the vaccine registry. If nearly all information does not match what the vaccination agency entered, even because of a typo, it will not generate the pass. Some 4 percent of users who tried to get passes in the app’s opening months were unable to, the state said. If Excelsior can’t find your vaccination record, then you may want to use the city app if you don’t want to carry around your card.

Like A Local Tours COVID-19 Health & Safety Procedures

The health and safety of our guests and our staff is our number one priority. We are adhering to the guidelines provided to us by the CDC and State of New York, as well as the City of New York.

We are taking the following enhanced safety measures for our walking tours:

For Our Guests

Guests who are not vaccinated are required to wear a face mask throughout the tour.

Guests exhibiting fevers or symptoms of illness, specifically cough or shortness of breath, may not participate.

Guests will be required to bring a facial covering and to cover their nose and mouth during the tour.

Social distancing procedures will be in place throughout every facet of the tour, including while at vendor locations.

Hand sanitizer and multiple places to wash hands will be made available.

Person to person contact will be minimized as much as possible.

Food will be individually served to reduce food contact between guests.

For Our Guides

All tour guides have been fully vaccinated.

Our staff and tour guides will self-monitor for signs and immediately report any symptoms.

All staff must wear a face mask or shield throughout the entire tour. Facial shields must cover entire face.

Frequent hand washing will be required and disinfectant hand sanitizer will be available.

Cancellation Policy

We are offering flexible, 48 hour cancelation policy so that you won’t be faced with a penalty if you have to change travel plans.

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