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Behind the Scenes at Industry City

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Welcome to Industry City, Brooklyn’s vibrant hub where creativity, cuisine, and culture collide!

Featuring Japan Village * Burger Joint * Taco Mix * Barrow’s Intense * Li-Lac Chocolates * The Remix Market * Brooklyn Made Store * & More!

We recently led an enthusiastic group of 30 from Switzerland on a four-hour tour. This tour, part of their ‘Global Economy Immersion in New York City,’ was not just a trip—it was a deep dive into Brooklyn’s dynamic culture and its flourishing artisan scene!

The deluxe tour spanned four hours and was packed with engaging activities designed to immerse the participants in the local flavor and artisanal crafts of Brooklyn. The tour included four exquisite food tastings, an included drink from Brewer’s Row, and visits to notable artisans and makers, enhanced by the insightful narrations of our expert guide. The tour not only offered a taste of Brooklyn but also incorporated team-building exercises and group photos, adding a personal touch to the experience.

What’s on the Itinerary? Culinary Delights and Artisan Crafts

The tour kicked off at the trendy Japan Village, a must-visit for any food lover. Here, we dove into the delicate art of Japanese cuisine with a tasting of freshly made onigiri balls—savory, stuffed rice treats that are a staple in Japanese culture. Each onigiri is a bite of perfection, providing a delicious start to our culinary expedition.

Next, we spiced things up at Taco Mix, where traditional techniques and authentic flavors are the recipes for success. The tacos here are a testament to the skill and passion that go into Mexican street food.

Then we made our way to Burger Joint, where classic American fare meets artisanal quality. Everyone enjoyed a perfectly cooked slider (or veggie burger) paired with crispy fries and a refreshing drink, embodying the comfort and satisfaction of American cuisine.

No tour is complete without a touch of sweetness, and Li-Lac Chocolates, provided just that. As Manhattan’s oldest chocolate house – founded in 1923! – Li-Lac offers a decadent experience. It’s a feast for the senses with chocolates being made on site. They are renowned for their handcrafted truffles so we made sure everyone got their fill!

Brewer’s Row: Sips and Insights

A highlight of the tour was a visit to Barrow’s Intense, a celebrated local distillery. Here, the group not only tasted exquisite spirits but also toured the facility, getting an exclusive peek at the craft behind spirit making. This insightful stop provided a deep understanding of Brooklyn’s local brewing culture and its impact on the economy.

Meet the Makers: The Heartbeat of Brooklyn’s Creative Economy

The Brooklyn Design Center was the centerpiece of the artisanal tour, showcasing the dynamic and innovative spirit of local creators. The tour featured special access and talks at:

  • Remix Market: A secondhand home goods shop that donates 50% of their inventory to local nonprofit organizations and 10% of proceeds to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Saskia de Vries Jewelry: Saskia de Vries Jewelry is special for its commitment to creating handcrafted, artisanal pieces that emphasize sustainable and ethical practices. Each piece is designed with care, often inspired by cultural motifs and crafted using traditional techniques. Saskia de Vries often incorporates recycled or ethically sourced materials, ensuring that the jewelry is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. This focus on sustainability, combined with the unique, personal touch of handmade craftsmanship, makes Saskia de Vries Jewelry distinct and appealing to those who value both style and ethical considerations.
  • Brooklyn Made Store: a hub for local artisans funded by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Here, the group met with various makers, experiencing the community’s collaborative spirit. Notable stops within the store included Avalah All Natural, known for its eco-friendly products; BrooklynLish, which offers unique culinary delights; For Sea and Oats, specializing in natural skincare; and I AM CARIBBEING, celebrating Caribbean culture and heritage through its products.

A Memorable Day in the Heart of Brooklyn

This unique tour provided the group with a deep dive into the local economy and culture, illustrating the powerful intersection of creativity and commerce. Like A Local Tours crafted a memorable experience that highlighted not only the tastes of Brooklyn but also its entrepreneurial spirit, making it a perfect educational and enjoyable outing.

Experience Brooklyn Like Never Before

Whether you’re part of a corporate group, an educational excursion, or simply a curious traveler eager to explore the city’s rich tapestry, this Industry City Tour will delight your senses and expand your understanding of Brooklyn’s entrepreneurial spirit.

This tour promises not just tastings but an immersive experience that celebrates the diversity and creativity of Brooklyn. Bonding with your team, spending time with friends, or indulging your own curiosities, Industry City has something to surprise and delight everyone.

Don’t miss out—book your tour now!