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New York, NY – April 17, 2024: Like A Local Tours is delighted to announce its milestone 10th anniversary this year. With a bold vision to redefine travel experiences and leave a positive mark on local communities and a lasting impression on guests, Like A Local Tours has emerged as a beacon of innovation in sustainable tourism and social impact initiatives.

In a world where travel has become synonymous with transformation, Like A Local Tours was founded with a vision to offer authentic journeys while positively impacting local businesses and communities.

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“We provide experiences that transcend conventional sightseeing. For those seeking more than just a fleeting glimpse of the city, we offer a gateway to purposeful exploration; a conduit for meaningful connections. With a renewed dedication to diversity and sustainability, we invite travelers to join us on a transformative odyssey through the vibrant streets of New York City,” says Founder & CEO, Lauren J. Beebe.



“As we raise our glasses to a decade of unforgettable adventures, our commitment to delivering authentic experiences while fostering positive community impact remains unwavering,” declares Chelsea Wangberg, Director of Operations. “We believe that travel should ignite passion, forge connections, and leave a positive footprint on the communities we visit.”

Fueling their journey are impactful partnerships with esteemed organizations such as Harlem Grown, Fabscrap, Lower East Side Ecology Center and more. Additionally, by championing businesses owned by women and immigrants and promoting sustainable food practices, Like A Local Tours contributes meaningfully to community empowerment and environmental stewardship. They have welcomed over 30,000 guests, poured over $630,000 back into local businesses, and contributed over $50,000 to their social impact partners.

Like A Local Tours extends a warm invitation to locals and travelers to explore New York City with purpose. From unraveling the rich histories of Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods to discovering eco-conscious shopping and locally owned dining options, Like A Local Tours offers an array of immersive experiences that celebrate the cultural tapestry and heritage of the Big Apple.