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Williamsburg Bites: A Brooklyn Foodie Adventure

Unleash Your Inner Foodie in Williamsburg: A Brooklyn Culinary Odyssey!

Tour Info

Duration: 3 Hours

Tour Includes: 6 tastings: enough food for lunch! Licensed tour guide (and actor) bringing you laughs and fascinating storytelling.

Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian & Gluten Free friendly; Vegan not currently available on this tour.

Walking Distance: 1.5 miles / 2.4 km

Meeting Location: Williamsburg Mini Mall, 218 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Getting There: Easy to get to! We start at the Williamsburg Mini Mall two blocks from the Bedford Avenue L Subway (just five minutes from Manhattan).

Tour Capacity: 14 people maximum

95 4.5 star review rating

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Adult (11 years & up)
Child (4-10)
Children under 4

Recommended by Vogue, Fodor’s, TripAdvisor and more!

Get ready for a culinary and cultural exploration that not only delights the palate but also promotes social good in one of Brooklyn’s most dynamic neighborhoods. Join us on a journey through Williamsburg, where each bite and every street corner tells a story of diversity, creativity, and community spirit. With our expert tour guides leading the way, you’ll discover the true essence of this trendsetting locale.

Tour Highlights:

Discover Williamsburg: Begin your exploration in the bustling streets of 

Williamsburg, absorbing the neighborhood’s unique vibe. As you wander, our guides will share stories from the area’s past and present, showcasing how this once industrial area transformed into a hub of art, culture, and culinary innovation. This introduction sets the stage for an authentic local experience, highlighting initiatives that support community development and local businesses.

Street Art and History: Dive into Williamsburg’s renowned street art scene. Learn about the artists and the stories behind their vibrant murals, which often reflect social and political themes. This walking gallery not only beautifies the neighborhood but also stimulates important conversations about contemporary issues, making art accessible to all.

Iconic Views: Experience breathtaking views of the New York City skyline from lesser-known vantage points known only to locals. These spots offer not just photo opportunities but also a chance to appreciate the city’s evolving landscape and the role of public spaces in urban environments.

Food Stops: Indulge in a carefully curated selection of food stops that highlight both the diversity of Williamsburg’s culinary scene and its commitment to social impact:

  • Northside Bakery: Taste the old-world charm of Williamsburg at this traditional Polish bakery, where every purchase supports local artisans and preserves culinary heritage. 
  • Mable’s Smokehouse: Enjoy Oklahoma-style BBQ with options for all, including vegetarian dishes. Mable’s dedication to authentic, inclusive dining enriches the community.
  • Best Pizza: Grab a slice of Brooklyn at a pizzeria celebrated by The New York Times. Meet the owner, a local who not only creates fantastic pizza but also engages in community building.
  •  Tacombi Taco: Choose from savory carnitas tacos or vegetarian black bean and sweet potato tacos, accompanied by refreshing watermelon agua fresca. Tacombi’s commitment to sustainable ingredients and local employment practices adds depth to your dining experience.
  • Levain Bakery: Indulge in giant cookies from a bakery founded by women, showcasing success in crafting delicious treats while empowering female entrepreneurs.
  • Angels Cafe: Savor a signature bagel from our Social Impact Partner. Each purchase here supports community initiatives, blending great taste with greater good.

Join us on this Williamsburg Foodie Adventure to ignite your senses, tantalize your taste buds, and deepen your appreciation for the rich tapestry of Brooklyn’s culture and cuisine. Book your spot today and experience the flavor of the city in a way that only true food enthusiasts—and conscientious citizens—can appreciate.

Our tour guides, some of NYC’s best, bring destinations to life through engaging storytelling that highlights both the delights and the depth of Williamsburg.