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Digital Discussions: A Closer Look at Brooklyn Makers | Eleonora Volpe, Sustainable Fashion Stylist

a stylist pinning clothes on a female model during a fashion shoot

Eleonora Volpe is a Sustainable Fashion Stylist (or Eco-Stylist) and Founder of The Society of Green Arts.

images of recycling and upcycling“The Society of Green Arts is a newborn non-profit organization that promotes upcycling and recycling co-creative action in order to find always new ways to rethink waste. After decades of mass production of goods the planet is overwhelmed with trash, good news is we can use these wastes as a resource and give them a second life thanks to creative reuse. We believe that joining forces as a creative collective we can make a difference in the war against pollution: let’s transform waste into valuable art, quarantine into creative process and stronger awareness, loneliness into a community with a common effort. We believe in the power of words and education, in the beauty of art and in the revolutionary potential of dreaming. Together we can show the world that a positive change is not only possible but is already happening!” 

Interviewed by sustainable fashion designer and Like A Local tour guide, Amalya Meira.

She was a winner of NYC’s first ReFashion Week and has been working in sustainable fashion in NYC for the past three years. Her new project, The Society of Green Arts, is focused on up cycling materials in different ways using all means of expression. The project originates from the need for human beings to express themselves through creation and art, as well as the necessity to think about new ways to recycle, up cycle and rethink waste.

“As people say ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Now more than ever we have the opportunity to work on this concept. After decades of over producing goods, the world is overwhelmed with trash and waste. We can use this waste as a resource and give it a second life. Since COVID-19 has forced millions of people into quarantine, now is the best time in recent history to use this new time to create something beautiful, constructive and show the world that a positive change is not only possible but is already happening,” says Eleonora.

Eleonora’s mantras for The Society of Green Arts: to join forces as creatives and transform waste into valuable art, turn the quarantine into a creative process, turn loneliness into stronger awareness (and a useful purpose). Be sure to follow them on instagram!

-On an environmental level, the goal of this project is to reduce pollution and waste from going to the landfills. Also to find new ways to up cycle items that people already have at home or what would otherwise be thrown away. 

-On a social level, the goal is to create a solid community of artists that are sensitive to the subject of sustainability and to support them by giving them the chance to show their work.

About Eleonora’s sustainable styling career: 

“As we all know, fashion is one of the industries that pollutes the most: so many garments end up in landfills or sit in a dusty closet forever after being worn just one time. Being a sustainable stylist means educating people to buy more consciously and show them that there are many options out there for them to choose from that are good for them and good for the planet. As a stylist, I love to work with sustainable brands, secondhand and vintage stores and alternative materials. I think that nowadays it’s extremely important to be conscious about the environment and how to produce less waste. We need to learn again how to respect our mother earth and being an eco-stylist is my way to do it.

I think it’s crucial that we reduce waste and not only in fashion but in every aspect of our life. We have never got this far in environment pollution and these years will be critic for the future of the planet and of humankind. We have the resources to create a circular economy and avoid waste we just need to take our steps in that direction and change our lifestyle first so that the market will change accordingly.”

Your host for this discussion, Amalya Meira, leads the Sustainable Brooklyn Fashion & Food Tour.