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The Power of Corporate Social Responsibility


When Like A Local Tours first introduced a new initiative to create a variety of social impact experiences that connect with the local community, our tours  transformed from being a mere sightseeing venture to an unforgettable, immersive experience. We wanted our tours to be an opportunity to participate in an exchange of positive impact where we leave lasting impressions on the places and people we encounter, and they leave a lasting impression on us.  

In most towns or cities, you usually think you have an idea of who the person sitting next to you is, maybe because similar people tend to live around each other. However, that’s not always true in NYC and often, the person inches away from you leads a much different life than you could imagine. People in this densely populated city can have zero personal space, yet they still won’t even begin to know each other. As a result, so much of New York is unknown because we lack the intention and information to have a compassionate understanding of where we live and how we visit.

Beyond the architectural wonders and iconic landmarks, a living, breathing community thrives. This is the New York that defies the ordinary, where cultural diversity thrives and the spirit of innovation is ever-present. Here, the ethos of social responsibility isn’t just a mission; it’s a shared commitment to nurturing the essence of this vibrant city. Every footstep on our tours echoes with the potential to spark change. It’s in these moments of meaningful connection, where locals share their stories and visitors gain new perspectives, that the true heart of the city is unveiled. By intertwining socially responsible activities with the essence of exploration, we unearth the layers that compose New York’s soul, fostering a symbiotic relationship between travelers and locals that enriches all who partake.

The importance of engaging in socially responsible activities in an effort to support local communities isn’t exclusive to a company like ours, but it is an obligation for all businesses to work toward good long-term goals that enhance the world around us.

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just limited to the impact that we have on our communities, but the people that want to work with us. A company that is dedicated to CSR is more likely to attract more talent because sustainability initiatives are a big factor in where today’s top talent chooses to work. “The next generation of employees is seeking out employers that are focused on the triple bottom line: people, planet and revenue,” Susan Cooney, head of global diversity and inclusion at Symantec said. CSR-related values are also found to strengthen employee retention when around a company that they believe in. 

At Like A Local Tours, the spirit of collaboration reverberates through every initiative. We’ve carefully selected a myriad of ways for your company to not only contribute to our community but also align with CSR goals. Our hands-on experiences offer a gateway to make a tangible difference where there are many ways in which your company can engage in meaningful ways with our community whilst working toward CSR goals. We offer hands-on experiences such as textile recycling, urban beekeeping, or volunteering in community gardens with opportunities to form relationships with small businesses and grass roots organizations. 

We have also incorporated social impact into all of our tours! We believe that truly experiencing a place “like a local” means having meaningful engagement that supports local, community-based organizations and learning about their causes and the people making them happen. Just as we carefully select the places you’ll visit and the food you’ll try, we have also carefully selected our social impact partners to showcase the amazing work being done in our communities. Your patronage on our tours is a small act to help these initiatives flourish. We want to help our visitors explore NYC on an authentic level and make sure that we are all having a positive impact while doing it. 

Our dedication to fostering meaningful experiences doesn’t conclude with our tours; it extends to our meticulously curated and customizable corporate group offerings. We offer corporate group tours that are curated and customizable, so that you can take part in building your own unique experience that not only cultivates employee engagement and productivity but also aligns seamlessly with your company’s ethos and aspirations.

Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and empathetic future for the travel industry and the world as a whole just by beginning with our local communities. The impact of Like A Local Tours extends beyond the horizon of our city blocks. Our initiatives represent a microcosm of a larger movement—a movement that embraces purposeful travel and responsible engagement. As your company joins hands with local organizations, you’re contributing not only to the enrichment of communities but to a broader global ethos. Together, we’re embarking on a journey that resonates with empathy, sustainability, and the promise of a brighter future, starting with our own neighborhoods but destined to ripple across continents. Social impact tours will allow tourism and team-building activities to better align with a company’s goals around purpose, diversity-equity-inclusion, corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and sustainability while partnering with local organizations.