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Urban Farming & Gardening

An opportunity for you and your team to get involved in the community centered on sustainability, diversity-inequity, and corporate responsibility!

Tour Info

Learn about the issue of food justice, and how to implement greener practices into your life!

We have created this experience for companies that want to become more involved in their community in ways that aligns with their goals around sustainability, diversity-inequity, and corporate responsibility.

Your team will work together on activities such as building garden infrastructure and planting vegetables. They will get the chance to learn more about some of the issues facing the local community such as food access, food insecurity, and food waste.

During the tour we also highlight ways to implement greener practices and reduce waste in the office and at home. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in starting a neighborhood garden or simply want to give composting a try.


Quick Details

Location: TBD

Duration: 3-5 hours

Tour Capacity: 10 min / 40 max

Pricing & Donation: Contact Us