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Eco-Theatre & Walking Tour

Get inspired by environmental arts activism in action!

Tour Info

Learn about the history of the Gowanus neighborhood through movement based activism!

Join us and our partner Artichoke Dance Company as we bring our focus to the Gowanus Canal and Gowanus neighborhood.

Both with their own host of challenges facing the community, this tour educates around environmental justice, climate and human equity, sustainability and local community development and infrastructure. 

The canal is one of New York City’s named superfund sites due to decades of pollution in and around the canal. Remediation is underway and will take place over the next decade.

The Gowanus neighborhood rezoning is the largest rezoning in New York City in 20 years. The past and future of Gowanus are riddled with a host of equity issues. These tours are constructed to educate and physicalize the unique geography, history and potential future of Gowanus, and by extension, illuminate urban history and current realities from an environmental justice perspective.


Quick Details

Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

Duration: 4-8 hours

Tour Capacity: 4 min / 60 max

Tour Includes: Performance by Artichoke Dance, tour of Gowanus neighborhood, team building exercises, optional happy hour add-on with Emma’s Torch Refugee Kitchen