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Why Williamsburg?

sunset over Brooklyn bridge

Visitors to New York City either think they know Williamsburg or that it’s just not for them. Having a more recent reputation as a home to hipsters or seeing the extensive L train renovations may have put you off from taking the trip over / under the East River. Well not only is Like A Local Tours a Williamsburg expert, but it’s also our home neighborhood! When you join us there, you’ll hear our guides talk about the history of the neighborhood from First Nations to immigration, the boom and then bust, and the eventual reinvention of the area. We walk the side streets and back streets, take in the unique view of the Manhattan Skyline, and spend time at some of the delicious Mom and Pop eateries that the neighborhood has to offer, all giving you a foundation to Williamsburg that can be used to then go adventuring yourself.

So get off the beaten track and meet us in the heart of a working class immigrant gem.

  • Polish immigrants made up a huge portion of the Williamsburg population, so we take you to a bakery where Polish is still the first language spoken and sample perogies like your Polish Grandma used to make.

  • The local smokehouse team are some of our best friends, and they raise the roof on barbecue. Catering to meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans alike (it’s true!), they ensure that you get that down-home southern flavor and experience all inside a converted Victorian warehouse that the extraordinary owners did themselves!

  • In Williamsburg, we have taken the great Italian invention of gelato and made it as New York as the Brooklyn Bridge. The local ice creamery has 14 – yes 14, handcrafted original flavors (using all-natural ingredients), and we give you time to sample as many as you like. It’s hard, but when you have found your favorite you can get a whole scoop to yourself (they also have dairy free options!)

  • Chocolate tasting is a skill, and we are happy to teach you. Williamsburg boasts some of the best ‘bean to bar’ chocolate you will ever eat. Using organic, Fair-trade ingredients with no additives, we visit a local chocolatier for some treats plus watch the staff HAND WRAP the bars…

  • Williamsburg is home to some of the key players in modern food trends. We take you to the home of one of these leading chefs who believes that food should also be fun and played with! Get ready to release your inner child.

  • There are many things that make New York great, and pizza is one of them. The big restaurants are easy to find, but any New Yorker will tell you the best places for a slice of Italian pie are hidden in the neighborhood backstreets. Let us take you to one of the finest in the 5 boroughs that will give you major pizza bragging rights.

It’s easy to get there, just chose from the JMZ lines to Marcy Avenue (short walk to meeting point), Nassau Avenue or Metropolitan Avenue on the G (longer walk), the L train to Bedford Avenue (just allow slightly longer wait times for trains), or the wonderful ferry service which comes up from Wall Street or quickly over from 34th Street in Manhattan. Our Williamsburg Bites tour goes out 3 times a week but can also be scheduled to meet your own availability.

On Sundays we modify it to include a drink at a world-famous brewery and one of the oldest bars in Brooklyn, plus mix in some shopping and other tastings. (For those 21 and above.) For more information on tours and travel options just email us!