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Brooklyn Graffiti Workshop & Street Art Walking Tour

Explore the world’s largest outdoor street art gallery with a street artist and create a graffiti piece! Great team building activity!

Experience Bushwick Brooklyn via this incredible one-of-a-kind opportunity!

This insider art tour kicks off with a walking tour the Bushwick Mural Project where more than 25 multicolored murals transform a swath of warehouse buildings into a vast outdoor art gallery.

Hear the stories behind the walls and the process of how they are created. Then, enjoy a hands-on tutorial on how to work with spray paint before creating your very own work of art. Learn the tips and techniques of aerosol art from fill-ins to masterpieces as you immerse yourself in graffiti art culture. Cultivating creative thought and a welcoming environment, this experience is designed for all talent levels.

Our corporate tours are completely customizable to meet your exact wants and needs. With two tour levels, Standard or Deluxe, we will work with you to craft the one of a kind experience you’re dreaming of!


Experience Grassroots Social Impact

On your tour you will hear the term “social impact”, but what does that really mean? For us, social impact is making sure that we have a positive impact on the communities we live and work in, as well as the amazing places we explore with our tours. We believe that truly experiencing a place “like a local” means having meaningful engagement that supports local, community-based organizations and learning about their causes and the people making them happen. Just as we carefully select the places you’ll visit and the food you’ll try, we have also carefully selected our social impact partners to showcase the amazing work being done in our communities.

With 2 tour levels enjoy the ability to customize to your exact group needs!

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