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Group Immigrant New York Food Tour: Lower East Side, Chinatown & Little Italy ORIGINAL

Incredible history, storytelling and foods.

Tour Info

Location: Manhattan

Duration: 3 Hours

Tour Includes: Visit to historical landmarks/sites, food/drink.

Tour Availability: Very flexible availability- Contact us to schedule!

Take a walk in their footsteps and explore the tenements of the Lower East Side, the busting streets of Chinatown and the iconic heart of Little Italy. With opportunity in each neighborhood to purchase their signature dishes, you get a real taste of New York’s past and it’s influence on us all today. 

Explore America’s great melting pot: learn about the rich cultural diversity and history of the Lower East Side through delicious food. The streets of the Lower East Side tell the tales of struggling immigrants, Eastern Europeans, Russians, Germans, and Puerto Ricans, who came to America in search of opportunity. They brought with them recipes from the ‘old world’ and you can still taste these foods today.

From historic synagogues to street art and trendy food markets, your knowledgable guide will provide amazing stories and an insider’s look at how these foods are made and what they mean to the cultures they represent. Your guide will point out interesting architectural flourishes and parks and discuss the history of the neighborhood and the ethnic groups that influenced the scrumptious foods you’ll be savoring.