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Midtown Architecture Walking Tour

Take a stroll through midtown and get up close and personal with some of New York City’s most iconic buildings. Discover the surprising secrets behind the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal, the records that the Empire State Building broke, the quiet beauty of the New York library and the majesty of St Patrick’s Cathedral. From the Flatiron Building to Rockefeller Plaza, this immersive walking tour brings these breath-taking structures into clear view.

Discover the urban planning that led to the transformation of NYC from a 19th Century city, built around its harbor, with large estates further uptown, into a 20th Century city that was more utilitarian, yet built with aesthetics that made it pleasing to the senses.  Developed on such a scale, and with such beauty, that cities throughout the world in the 21st Century are still playing catch-up with 20th Century New York.

Your guide will bring to life the icons of NYC, telling the stories of the city through the buildings that make it. Whether you’re ready to be transported to the gilded age on Vanderbilt Avenue, hear the tales of Art Deco landmarks like The American Radiator Company Building, or enjoy an oasis or two of green in the city, this tour has something for everyone.

Our corporate tours are completely customizable to meet your exact wants and needs. With two tour levels, Standard or Deluxe, we will work with you to craft the one of a kind experience you’re dreaming of!


An inside look at the iconic structures that define the world famous New York City skyline.

Some of the sights along your walk will include:

  • Tudor City
  • The East River (great views of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens!)
  • The Chrysler Building
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Vanderbilt Avenue (Fun to talk about those Gilded Age tycoons)
  • Rockefeller Center
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral (The most famous church in North America)
  • Walk through the Broadway Theatre District
  • Walk through Times Square (and learn all it’s seedy history!)
  • Bryant Park
  • New York City Public library
  • The Empire State Building
  • Madison Square Park
  • The Flatiron Building

With 2 tour levels enjoy the ability to customize to your exact group needs!

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