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Red Hook Brooklyn: Corporate Group Neighborhood Discovery Tour

Red Hook is located on a peninsula in southwestern Brooklyn and is known for its diverse community, rich history, and unique geography.

Red Hook was one of the first areas of Brooklyn to be settled. Once a booming port on the offloading end of the Erie Canal, it’s quick rise during the Industrial Revolution sharply declined during the 20th century. While the industry left, the remnants of the industrial buzz stayed creating what feels like a different world just miles away from Manhattan. Much of the reason Red Hook has been left unchanged is because of its relatively isolated location. Over the last two decades, new residents have been drawn to the neighborhood because of the old world charm and incredible water views.

On your tour you’ll learn about the incredible history of this neighborhood, the various revitalization projects including the Streetcar Project, and see the breathtaking views for yourself. With an opportunity to eat and drink your way around Red Hook, this tour is a crowd pleaser for both locals and those from out of town.

Our corporate tours are completely customizable to meet your exact wants and needs. With two tour levels, Standard or Deluxe, we will work with you to craft the one of a kind experience you’re dreaming of!


Enjoy Diverse Food Stops

Food & Bev Stop Options:

  • Hometown BBQ (NYC’s #1 food critic rated BBQ joint)
  • Raaka Chocolate
  • Steve’s Key Lime Pies
  • Red Hook Winery
  • Defonte’s Historic Sandwich Shop
  • Van Brunt Stillhouse
  • Cacao Preito


Experience Grassroots Social Impact

On your tour you will hear the term “social impact”, but what does that really mean? For us, social impact is making sure that we have a positive impact on the communities we live and work in, as well as the amazing places we explore with our tours. We believe that truly experiencing a place “like a local” means having meaningful engagement that supports local, community-based organizations and learning about their causes and the people making them happen. Just as we carefully select the places you’ll visit and the food you’ll try, we have also carefully selected our social impact partners to showcase the amazing work being done in our communities.

With 2 tour levels enjoy the ability to customize to your exact group needs!

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