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Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Tour

Discover the classic desserts of NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood! Tour formerly operated by Sugartooth Tours, now under the Like A Local brand!

Tour Info

Duration: 3 Hours

Tour Includes: 6 tastings! Professional tour guide. Drinks not included.

Dietary restrictions: Vegetarian friendly. Vegan and gluten-free currently unavailable on this tour.

Walking Distance: 1.5 miles / 2.4 km

Tour Capacity: 4 people minimum / 14 people maximum

Tour Reviews (text at bottom of page):

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Adult (11 years & up)
Child (4-10)
Children 3 & under

Embark on a unique culinary expedition through Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood famed not just for its tumultuous history but also for its vibrant dessert scene. This tour isn’t just about indulgence; it’s about exploring the social fabric of this iconic area through its sweetest offerings. With our expert guides, every step of your journey will unveil the flavors and stories that make Hell’s Kitchen a treasure trove of culinary delights.

Tour Highlights:

Hell’s Kitchen History: Begin your sweet adventure in the historic streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Once known for its gritty reputation, this neighborhood has transformed into a culinary haven. As you stroll, our guides will share tales of the area’s past, illustrating how it evolved from a tough locale to a vibrant community, enriched by its diverse population and innovative culinary ventures.

9th Avenue Culinary Mecca: As you walk along 9th Avenue, witness the diversity of New York City’s food scene unfold. This street is not just a thoroughfare but a living museum of gastronomic evolution, showcasing how food can bring people together and foster community growth.

Sweet Stops: Prepare for a dessert extravaganza with stops at some of the finest sweet shops in the city, each offering a unique glimpse into the neighborhood’s social and cultural fabric:

  • Little Pie Company: Enjoy a slice of classic American pie that’s baked perfection, symbolizing the traditional comforts that have nurtured the community spirit in Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Poseidon’s: Experience a taste of Greece with authentic baklava. This shop not only delights with its offerings but also shares the rich history of Greek immigrants in New York.
  • Schmackary’s: Savor innovative cookies that push culinary boundaries, reflecting the neighborhood’s transformation and its embrace of creativity.
  • Bird & Branch: Enjoy a unique latte from this local favorite, where each cup brewed supports community initiatives and promotes social good.
  • Amy’s Bread: Discover why the chocolate sourdough twist is a local favorite, and learn about Amy’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and supporting local suppliers.
  • Lady Wong: Explore the Singaporean food market Urban Hawker that houses bakery Lady Wong, where worldly flavors explode together in traditional patisserie

Please note Monday’s tour do not visit Poseidon’s.

Join us on this Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Expedition to explore the delicious complexities of this neighborhood. Let us guide you through a sensory journey that celebrates both the history and the culinary innovation of Hell’s Kitchen. Discover your sweetest moments in this iconic New York City neighborhood, and take away not just memories but a deeper appreciation for the community’s resilience and diversity.

Our tour guides, some of NYC’s best, bring destinations to life through engaging storytelling, ensuring your experience is not only enjoyable but deeply informative.