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Exploring New York City with a Purpose

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As we stroll through the streets and hidden treasures of New York City, we’re not just on a tour; we’re on a heartfelt adventure. It’s about the people, their stories, and the meaningful impact we create together. Imagine yourself not as a tourist but as an important part of a community. It’s not just about admiring the iconic landmarks or savoring the diverse flavors. No, it’s a shared journey where each step is imbued with purpose.

We’re not alone on this adventure; we’re accompanied by the people who define this city – its residents, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. It’s about connecting with the very heartbeat of New York City, and becoming a part of the stories that each streets tell. Let’s dive deep into the incredible organizations we partner with and get to know the humans behind the missions that drive them.

The Heart and Soul Behind Our Social Impact Tours:

James Beard Foundation – As you take on the Chelsea Market, the High Line, and Hudson Yards Tour, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our partner, the James Beard Foundation. They’re not just culinary enthusiasts; they’re on a mission to change the food culture. Their goal? To make the culinary world more equitable and sustainable. They celebrate the diverse voices shaping America’s food story​​​​. 

The Foundation’s impact extends through a variety of programs and initiatives. The James Beard House Fellows program, for example, is designed to provide training and professional development for emerging chefs. Moreover, their Impact Programs tackle critical food system issues like food waste reduction, sustainable seafood, sustainable meat, and childhood nutrition. These efforts unite chefs, consumers, farmers, and corporations to forge a sustainable food system that is nutritious, delicious, and accessible to all. The Foundation’s commitment to nurturing talent, equity, and sustainability in the food industry inspires us on this tour​​.

Bird & Branch Coffee – Amidst the sweet indulgences of our Chelsea and the West Village Dessert Tour, you’ll find the heartwarming spirit of Bird & Branch Coffee. This isn’t your typical coffee shop; it’s a place where each cup contributes to a better community. Their mission is clear: brew change within the community by supporting social initiatives. Founded by Brandon and Faith Lee, Bird & Branch is dedicated to restoring the city, not only through their unique coffee blends but also by empowering the community.

They run a job-training program aimed at helping New Yorkers overcome employment barriers, focusing on skills transferable to retail and hospitality. Their commitment extends to sourcing coffee responsibly, supporting producers, and even engaging in acts of kindness like delivering thousands of breakfasts and care packages to hospitals and nursing homes during the pandemic. Each sip here isn’t just about great coffee; it’s about contributing to a greater cause.

LES Ecology Center – On our Flatiron Tour, we team up with the LES Ecology Center, a champion of urban sustainability. Their mission is all about creating a better relationship between city life and our environment. They’re the ones inspiring us to recycle, compost, and tread lightly on our planet. As we explore the historic Flatiron District, we’re reminded of our responsibility to Mother Earth, thanks to partners like the LES Ecology Center.

Their initiatives span composting, e-waste recycling, environmental education, and stewardship. They operate 20 food scrap drop-off sites across the city, turning waste into compost for local parks and gardens, and conduct workshops to promote sustainable living. The Center’s Food Justice Program exemplifies their commitment to ecological and social well-being by educating youth about food systems and providing nutritious meals from their educational garden.

Amy’s Bread – As you wander through our Hell’s Kitchen Dessert Tour, we uncover the delightful world of Amy’s Bread. It’s more than just a bakery; it’s a celebration of local produce and sustainability. They aim to achieve this by making carefully handcrafted foods that taste as good as they look, respecting the craft of traditional baking, and being a good neighbor.

Amy’s Bread emphasizes sustainability by sourcing the finest ingredients, emphasizing local produce, and supporting regional farmers. The company is deeply appreciative of its loyal customers and is committed to the neighborhoods where their stores are located. This commitment to the community is evident in their mission statement, where they emphasize staying local and providing service that makes customers smile.

Mille Nonne – Our Immigrant New York tour is a flavorful journey celebrating Italian heritage, huge thanks to Mille Nonne. Their mission? To bring the true essence of Italian cooking to life and honor the culinary legacy of Italian immigrants. Each dish tells a story of tradition and passion, adding depth to our exploration of New York’s diverse neighborhoods. They believe in the power of simple, healthy, and delicious food to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the world.

Their emphasis on using fresh ingredients and cooking in small batches aligns with sustainable practices. Their respect for ingredients and the world itself is reflected in their commitment to turning the world into a better place through food, one dish at a time.

Angel’s Cafe – In Williamsburg, Angel’s Cafe isn’t just a coffee spot; it’s a vibrant hub of community engagement and artistic expression. It embodies the creative and community-focused spirit of Williamsburg, making our tour here an enriching and authentic experience. They are not just a place to enjoy delicious bagel sandwiches but also a mission-driven business.

They promote the idea of “Eat Good, Do Good,” where 40% of their profits go to the North Brooklyn Angels, an organization that has been feeding communities in need. Additionally, they have The Breakfast Program, allowing customers to buy breakfast for someone in need, which is distributed by the North Brooklyn Angels on weekdays.

Women & Immigrant Owned Businesses – Our Greenwich Village Tour is all about celebrating diversity and entrepreneurship. By spotlighting women and immigrant-owned businesses, we’re not just savoring culinary delights; we’re supporting dreams and stories of resilience and success. This tour provides tangible support to these businesses, helping them thrive and grow.

Through patronizing these establishments, participants in the tour actively contribute to the success of women and immigrant entrepreneurs in the city.  This tour is a heartfelt tribute to the power of diversity and its impact in shaping the soul of New York City.

With every step, every bite we savor, and every story we hear, you’re not just tourists; we’re part of a community that cares. Join us as we continue to explore, celebrate, and make a meaningful difference in the heart of New York City.