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Turning Corporate Meetings and Events in NYC into Unforgettable Journeys with Like A Local Tours

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When it comes to corporate meetings and incentive programs, gone are the days of stiff, formal gatherings where the highlight might have been a nice pen or a plush hotel stay. Today, it’s all about immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression, and statistics are pointing us in the right direction. Activities are key for a successful meeting or incentive programs, according to the Incentive Travel Index. What’s important according to respondents: group cultural sightseeing, weaving closer relationships through engaging activities, bonding over group dining experiences, ticking off bucket list experiences and team-building adventures.

At Like A Local Tours, we’re not just planning tours; we’re crafting experiences that turn every corporate event into a story worth telling. Here’s how we bring those numbers to life, making each activity a chapter in your team’s adventure book.

Activities are key for a successful meeting or incentive program:


Source: Incentive Travel Index, SITE and The IRF Foundation

Dive into Culture Together
Take our Immigrant New York Tour, for example. It’s not just a walk; it’s a journey through the heartbeats of New York’s most historic neighborhoods. Imagine tracing the steps of early immigrants, exploring family-run gems, and uncovering stories in the nooks of the Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy. It’s about experiencing the melting pot of cultures together, creating a shared album of memories.

Bucket List Bonds
Experiences that are more than just sightseeing. Imagine learning hidden secrets as you cross the Brooklyn Bridge with your team, soaking in the stunning views of the city skyline, feeling that special bond as you all experience this iconic landmark together. It’s about capturing the city’s vibe and getting inspired by its rich history. Chelsea Market, too, is an adventure for your senses, where the vibrant mix of New York’s food and culture turns each taste into a story and every meal into a chance to grow closer as a team.

Stroll through the High Line, where urban landscapes blend with greenery, art, and breathtaking views, fostering meaningful chats and stronger ties. Then, explore the Lower East Side’s edible history, savoring dishes that echo the dreams and realities of past immigrants, perfect for igniting discussions about heritage and community. These aren’t just outings; they’re experiences that forge stronger bonds, deepen understanding, and leave a lasting mark, drawing you ever closer to the true essence of New York.

Feast as One Big Family
Our Greenwich Village Food Tour exemplifies the bond formed over shared meals, transforming dining into an exploratory adventure. Each bite, from the authentic New York pizza to artisanal desserts, invites stories, ideas, and laughter, turning each dish into a celebratory topic of conversation. Likewise, our Williamsburg Bites Food Tour offers a unique culinary journey through Williamsburg, where you’ll savor the neighborhood’s diverse flavors, from classic bagels to gourmet bites, making every stop an exciting discovery of taste and culture.

Ignite Team Creativity
Ever thought about creating graffiti art in Brooklyn or exploring the creative pulse of Industry City with your team? Our Brooklyn Graffiti Workshop and Industry City Tour invite your team to dive into unique experiences that are far from your everyday routine. These aren’t just any tours; they’re a chance for your team to bond over new adventures and shared creative endeavors. In the graffiti workshop, everyone gets to hold a spray can and let their imagination flow, guided by experienced street artists. It’s a fun, hands-on way to collaborate and make something memorable together. Meanwhile, wandering through Industry City with our tour, you’ll get an insider’s peek into the bustling world of artists and innovators, sparking inspiration and conversation. These experiences are more than just team outings; they’re opportunities for your team to connect, create, and return to work invigorated and inspired. 

Together We Grow
Our Sustainable Harlem and Sustainable Brooklyn experiences redefine team-building by merging environmental responsibility with community engagement. In Brooklyn, participants explore Oko Farms and Newtown Creek Alliance, learning about urban agriculture and environmental restoration. These experiences highlight the significance of sustainability and collective action. Similarly, the Harlem tour engages teams with Harlem Grown, where they delve into urban farming and community empowerment. These activities not only educate but also inspire teams to reflect on sustainable practices in their lives and workplaces.

These tours are more than educational excursions; they are catalysts for change, encouraging teams to think critically about sustainability and their role in it. By interacting with organizations like Oko Farms, Newtown Creek Alliance, and Harlem Grown, teams are motivated to adopt eco-friendly practices and foster a culture of sustainability. This new approach to team building strengthens team cohesion and commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Come Adventure With Us

With Like A Local Tours, your corporate meeting or incentive program transforms into an unforgettable journey. We blend culture, connection, cuisine, bucket list adventures, and team spirit into experiences that resonate on a personal and professional level. It’s about creating stories together, stories that last a lifetime and weave into the fabric of your team’s culture. Let’s make those statistics a reality, one unforgettable tour at a time. Join us, and let’s create memories that are not just shared but cherished.