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Interview with a Local: Leah Snow, Fashion Stylist


We are so excited to introduce you to one of our favorite people in all of New York City. She is a very talented Fashion Stylist who is also heading up our Downtown Fashion Experience: Leah Snow!

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How did your career within the fashion industry get started?

My senior year at LIM, a Fashion business school in NYC, we required to do half a semester in a work study program or internship and I worked with Robert Verdi, a celebrity stylist who was also a big TV personality, interior designer, and a cross marketing genius especially for that time. He did collaborations with all the great brands. When I started with him I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but I quickly came to realize that I could essentially turn my obsession for clothing into a career. He was working with actress Eva Longoria at the height of her career and it was the year of her wedding to a big basket ball player. He had me heading up all the projects for her and hired me while I was still in college.


Where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

It’s all around me honestly. I can find ideas for mixing colors/patterns and silhouettes almost anywhere. Art, architecture, but mostly my inspiration has always been grounded in cinema. Ever since I was a little girl I would act out scenes to my favorite movies and raid my aunt’s closet to reinvent the looks of my character.


Who are your style muses?

Andrea Lieberman, Grace Coddington, and Law Roach. They are all stylists, ha! But they are more of a muse to me than any individual person because I admire people that have the ability to transcend numerous styles and genres and execute them effortlessly or in a new interesting way.


Can you dish on any fun styling stories? 

I had a client who refused to wear underwear during our shoot and was wearing a pretty short skirt on a motorcycle … after a few glasses of champagne, I got her to put them on.

Also, I worked on the Kanye West performance for gold digger when that song was ALL the rage for the Britt awards in London in 2006. He had like 100 Gold Ladies. A couple of hours before the performance I was still spray painting shoes, bras, and thongs gold, along with helping body paint girls metallic gold. It was pretty cool to witness all the dancers practicing back stage and prepping such a large production. Kanye was interesting…


Any advice for those looking for a career in the fashion industry?

Intern, assist, do your homework about designers, brands, art and Network your little hearts out! It’s honestly not my strong suit but any job I’ve ever been offered came from meeting people and making a genuine connection.


Top fashion picks for Spring/Summer 2018? How would you incorporate these trends into your daily look?

I hate the word or idea of trends, I personally don’t believe in the pressure of having to  keep up with any particular style… but with that said I’m finding my top “trends” are pretty seamless to incorporate. Color and my personal favorite sheer fabrics.

Whether the colors on the runways were Saturated and vibrant or more of a muted pastel there is a shade that anyone can feel comfortable in. Introducing more color into your everyday life can actually have a super uplifting effect on your psyche. Sheer fabrics are perfect for summer they are light and airy. Find a piece with a balance of sheer and light opaque fabrications to ease in or if you wanna fully go for it I love a sheer dress with a contrasting bra or bralette with a high waisted panty or boy short. But I’m known to be a bit of a risk taker.


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