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The Benefits of Meaningful Community Engagement

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Love exploring and want to do something meaningful while you do it? Our Social Impact Tours are a new way to explore a city, gain deeper understanding of the community around you and make a difference by volunteering. We offer Social Impact Tours that connect people from around the world to the stories, challenges and opportunities of communities where we work. Our tours are designed to inspire empathy, meaningful connections and practical action for positive change.

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While it has been shown that tourism can be an effective tool for creating meaningful personal and group connections, travelers often lack opportunities to engage with causes and communities within their destination city in a meaningful way. Through our tours, we hope to change this by offering travelers a way to shift how companies and travelers plan activities and connect with the local community.

Social Impact Tourism is a way for people to make a difference in the community and enjoy a bit of personal growth and education as well. Through our partnerships with local non profits and community organizations, these social impact activities allow participants to understand the importance of civic engagement and giving back. The goal of these experiences is to shift how travelers approach tourism and new ways to explore cities through volunteering and awareness.

The world is calling for more impactful & responsible brands. According to research from

  • 86% of people say they would purchase from a purpose-driven company
  • 84% of millennials want their company to help them get more involved in their communities
  • 90% of businesses indicated that partnering with reputable nonprofits enhances their brands. 

Benefits of Community Engagement on Employees

When employees feel like they are part of a larger mission, the work experience becomes more fulfilling. And when the work itself is meaningful, you actually get better results. This is both less costly (fewer sick days, more productivity) and more successful (better products and services). While it’s tempting to focus on bringing in top talent, there are many ways to invest in your existing team members’ skill sets and sense of purpose. Meaningful activities to engage employees, like team building activities with local non-profits and community organizations, is the future.

With the right activities, employees can build valuable bonds and see things from a new perspective. Social impact experiences are the future of team building. Today’s employees crave more than just their standard corporate job. They are looking for meaning, purpose and a chance to make a real difference in the world. With an increase in millennials entering the workforce, companies have found that they must now compete against not only other employers but also social causes, politics and nonprofit organizations for the best talent out there. With this new generation comes a greater desire than ever before for work with purpose, and social impact experiences are stepping in to fill that need.

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When it comes to team building activities, learning to work together is just as important as knowing how to perform their jobs well. Benefits of social impact experiences for company culture include increased employee engagement and retention rates, improved morale, higher productivity and collaboration between employees, better customer service, personal development and growth. With more choices than ever before when it comes to finding real-life experiences that bring people together and give them the opportunity to work towards a common cause, opportunities abound with social impact activities.