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Top Five FOOD Factoids about Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg is a neighborhood of 200,000 inhabitants. A mecca for young creatives for over two decades. Interestingly, the hip Williamsburg scene plays out against a backdrop of old industrial buildings and a long-standing residential community of Hasidism. Williamsburg used to be populated primarily by artists and immigrants, but is now mostly gentrified with spillover from Manhattan. It remains an influential hub for fashion, music, art, food and nightlife.

During its earliest days, Williamsburg was known as Bushwick or Bushwick Shore. Local farmers would gather near what is present day Grand Street to market their produce. Eventually a developer named Jonathan Williams acquired land along what is now Metropolitan Avenue, and in 1802 renamed that area Williamsburgh in honor of himself.


During the last twenty years, Williamsburg has become home to a new set of “immigrants.” First, artists moved in for the low rents and huge lofts In former factories, joining already established Italian and Polish immigrants. Galleries, restaurants and shops opened, catering to these new residents. For the last 10 years, Williamsburg has seen a real estate boom. Some local gems have closed in favor of corporate chains because of high rents, but the neighborhood still retains much of its hipster cred and charm due to its tenacious residents and lack of office buildings.


The food scene remains one of the best in Williamsburg. Even with the growing popularity of the neighborhood it’s still possible to find hidden gems. Here are 5 food factoids from the area!


  1. The cragel was born here! According to the Today Show, “The Cragel: Bagel, croissant hybrid equals 100% happiness.” Try one out for yourself at its original home, The Bagel Store! While you’re there check out the very instagrammable rainbow bagels, tasty and fun to look at!
  2. Brooklyn Brewing is one of the best breweries that got its start (and still exists!) in Williamsburg. Check out their weekend tours and $5 brews. They take up half a city block in an old Ironworks building. Williamsburg repurposing at its finest!
  3. The newly renovated Domino Park got its name from the Domino Sugar Factory which processed sugar from 1856 to 2004. At one point it processed nearly half the sugar in the US! There’s no sugar anymore, unless you count Oddfellows Ice Cream adjacent to the park. Be sure to stop in and try one of their funky flavors.
  4. Smorgasburg! The world’s largest open-air market, with spots on the Williamsburg waterfront, and the South Street Seaport NYC its a great way to sample a ton of amazing local vendors.
  5. There is an urban winery in Williamsburg that is actually making wine! Brooklyn Winery boasts some of the best wine around!


And if you’re looking for more ways to learn about the food scene and a little history of Williamsburg, join our Williamsburg Bites: A Brooklyn Foodie Adventure Food Tour

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