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Food blogger Beauty & The Beets loved our Williamsburg Bites Brooklyn food tour!


“I used to live in New York City – Queens to be more specific. I had an apartment in Rockaway Beach while I was a Flight Attendant for Delta and I would spend my days sitting on the beach, waiting for crew scheduling to call. Sometimes I would be sent off to Switzerland where I would enjoy authentic cheese fondue, or maybe Memphis was on the agenda and my first stop was always BBQ at Rum Boogies. However, when I was home in New York City, I rarely took the time to explore and savor those foods that made the city what it was – a melting pot of all nationalities and cuisines. I don’t know why. There are so many foods to try for the first time, so many places with old favorites, and a handful places I am not sure I could stomach. I just didn’t.”

“We also shared a plate of Paczki, filled doughnuts. Ours were filled with rose jam, a Middle Eastern delicacy. Polish cuisine has many influences from the Middle Eastern region. Who knew? I was skeptical about rose jam, but after one taste I am hooked. I am not sure if plain old strawberry jam is going to cut it ever again. This tour is making me a culinary snob.”