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Why you should book a food tour instead of a holiday party this year!

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The holidays are a fun time to get together with your friends and family and coworkers. Whether it’s for your team who have been working hard all year, or an excuse to get all of your friends together, you should consider treating them to something special. I know what you’re thinking: “Why not just plan a holiday party?” While having fun at an event like that is great, there are so many other ways that you can reward your team members for all their hard work. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an expensive party full of food that nobody likes anyway, why not invest in something much more meaningful? Book a food tour for your group and maximize your time!

Whether this year has been a tough one, or a fantastic one, the holidays are a great time to come together with your team and celebrate.

Whether this year has been a tough one, or a fantastic one, the holidays are a great time to come together with your team and celebrate. The holidays are also an opportune time to recognize the hard work of your employees.

Whether it’s been an excellent or less than stellar year for you and your company, there’s no better way to show appreciation than celebrating with those who have helped make it so successful. And what better way to do that than by booking a food tour?

Food tours allow you to showcase some of the best restaurants in town while giving employees an opportunity to explore new foods and taste new flavors. This type of experience will foster creativity among team members who can then go back into their day-to-day lives feeling refreshed and inspired!

Employees will have an opportunity to bond over delicious food and drinks while experiencing new restaurants in their area. The experience is also a great way to foster conversation among coworkers who may not normally interact with one another outside of the office.

Booking a food tour is a great way to reward yourself and your team for all their hard work.

It’s no secret that corporate parties can be a pain to plan and budget for. The food you choose, venue you pick and entertainment options for your guests can all add up financially. Food tours are a fun way to keep costs down while keeping everyone happy and engaged.

So why should you book a food tour? Here are five reasons:

  • You can choose a food tour that is fun and unique for your team
  • You can customize the food tour to meet your group’s needs (for example: if they have any dietary restrictions)
  • Booking a food tour gives you the chance to support more than one small local business instead of just one large company who sells event supplies whether or not it fits into your budget – this helps create more sustainable communities
  • Your team can learn something new! Food tours showcase more than just bites to eat- learn the history of the neighborhood, & the stories behind the iconic sights
  • It’s way less stress for you to organize!


A holiday party can be expensive and exhausting, but booking a custom food tour gives you an opportunity have fun and customize to your teams liking.

When you book a food tour, you have the opportunity to customize it to meet your team’s needs. For example, if your team enjoys chocolate and sweets, then you can choose a location that offers plenty of both! Or maybe you’d like the option to add some drinks in, or end at a bar or brewery!

You also can choose from a wide range of locations for your food tour. Some of our most booked tours:


Booking a food tour is the perfect way to treat your team and support small local businesses.

Not only can you make it a fun and unique experience, but you’re also helping small businesses around the city. Unlike large chain stores that are often owned by big corporations, these businesses are independently owned by individuals who are working hard to support their families. We know that food tours help support local economies because we visit many small businesses on our tours. The more people go out for lunch or dinner at locally owned restaurants, the more money stays in their communities.

Looking for a more meaningful way to connect with the community? Why not use your holiday event as an opportunity to invest not just money but time and attention to community-based organizations and learn about the movements and people behind them with a Social Impact Experience. We recommend our newest tour:

Ready to start planning? Check out all of our private tour options here!

The holidays are a great time to come together with your team and celebrate, so why not book a food tour? It’s affordable, fun and customizable for any group size. You’ll have an opportunity to explore some of the best places in town while enjoying tasty bites along the way—and trust us when we say: these tours will leave everyone feeling full and happy!